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13 Alternative Fashion Brands You Need to Know

by Ossiana Tepfenhart 3 years ago in designers

Alternative fashion brands add flair in daring ways, and also tend to bring out trends before they're cool. Here are the biggest names you need to know.

Mainstream fashion is nice for most, but if you really want to be able to grab attention, you can't rely on Abercrombie & Fitch to carry you. A little bit of alternative style can do a lot for your wardrobe, your vibe, and also the way people see you.

Of course, finding decent alternative fashion brands isn't the easiest task, even if the internet made it a little easier to do. If you want to slay using unique pieces that will have people asking you where you got it, take a look at these designers below.

Tripp N.Y.C was one of the first companies to really rock the alternative look, and it still remains the most widely recognized name in the alternative fashion world. When the late Daang Goodman started this label, Tripp was a one-of-a-kind look that only the truly daring wore.

Just about every rock star, goth, punk, emo kid, raver, or burner has worn Tripp pants at least once. Their edgy look always throws people for a loop, and while the clothes aren't always that durable, they still gain compliments everywhere you go.

Y.R.U is primarily a shoe designer, but it recently has expanded its wares into clothing, hats, and sunglasses as well. If it looks very "Spice Girls" in vibe, that's because it is.

This company has become the latest incarnation of all the alternative fashion brands of the 90s that used to offer platform sneakers and funky clubwear.

Anyone who has dreamed of going to Burning Man will approve of this brand—and find their shoes to be surprisingly comfortable for nights out dancing.

If you're really looking to dial up the alternative look a notch, look no further than Club Exx. This brand has a lot of rave-friendly wear that's designed to be as ostentatious as humanly possible.

Loads of holographic gear, fetish-friendly tee shirts, and more bra tops than you can possibly imagine can be found here. Simply put, this is a brand that's all about making extreme statements.

Back in the 1940s, Banned Apparel wouldn't be considered that far off from the mainstream fashion world, but these days, it's definitely alternative. More specifically, it's a form of pinup, vintage, and rockabilly fashion.

For people who want a classier and more conservative style, Banned Apparel will definitely be your brand of choice. Each item looks like it was literally torn from the 50s.

Besides, with their figure-flattering dresses, you'll love the attention you get and enjoy the way the clothes make you look 10 pounds thinner.

Elvira had it goin' on, and if she was born in 1995, we're willing to bet that her favorite brand of clothing would be Jawbreaker. Much like Banned, Jawbreaker adds a heavy dose of retro and rockabilly into its designs.

Unlike Banned, this brand has a seriously gothy edge, and occasionally features cyberpunk accessories. Needless to say, this London-based clothing company has been getting a seriously impressive following online.

J Valentine started out as a fashion house strictly for music artists, performers, dancers, and music videos. Thanks to the EDM culture boom of the 2010s however, J Valentine became one of the most popular rave-centric alternative fashion brands in existence.

Their super soft, fluffy material will make you every kandikid's best friend. Their amazing and often barely-there clothing will turn you into a real-life unicorn.

A favorite designer of Dolls Kill buyers and one of the most unusual indie designers to reinvent streetwear, I.AM.GIA rightfully earned its place in the alt fashion world.

The clothing that this brand puts out are not quite haute couture, not quite street fashion. Regardless of what you want to categorize them as, they are bold as hell and are guaranteed to get comments among friends.

Back in the 90s, there wasn't a clubkid alive that didn't have Cyberdog in their closet. Even today, it's still considered to be a major staple among cybergoths, ravers, electroheads, bassheads, and riddim aficionados.

Admittedly, the vast majority of their clothing is a little too extreme to make it to mainstream outfits. Even so, they provide a visual aesthetic that remains absolutely phenomenal, and they're still going strong as one of the oldest fashion brands ravers love to flaunt.

When it comes to alternative fashion brands that also happen to double as strong statements on couture, Whatever 21 is king. This is a brand that often will exceed words in terms of description.

Gritty? Bizarre? Genius? Urban? Goth? It's hard to decide, but no matter what you buy from them, you can rest assured that it'll draw attention to you.

Paper magazine called their style "gothemocandytrap." We're willing to agree.

If Barbie had a fashion label, it'd be Sugar Thrillz. This alternative clothing brand is all about being pretty in pink, adding a little plastic, and somehow making it one of the best looks you could ever pull off.

We've never seen pink look so badass. Have you?

UNIF doesn't have a particular genre of "alt flavor" that it sticks to. Sometimes, it has a strong raver vibe. Other times, it has more of an urban look. Even more times, it's got a punk and ska look.

All you need to know is that it's one of the largest family-owned alternative clothing brands on the West Coast. Prices aren't low, but the clothing lasts and lasts.

Witchy wear has never looked so cool as when Killstar came on the scene. This entirely pagan-themed brand is all about bringing out the darker, more glamorous look of goth in a way that might just make Morticia Addams blush.

Fans of witch house music and old school goth attire will love this brand. Heck, even if you're not goth, it's hard not to love the aesthetic they offer up in spades.

When it comes to mainstream EDM wear, it's hard to ignore the sheer amount of fans that iHeartRaves has. This massively popular brand is known for offering up very affordable rave gear, and for being insanely active on social media.

Sizes run all the way up to plus size, so if you've been having a hard time finding alternative fashion brands that cater to your body type, this is one store you need to check out. Best of all, their festival apparel work with most of the festival apparel hacks out there.


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