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Where Would I Be If I Hadn’t Gone Through the Dark Night of the Soul?

by Erin Mixon about a month ago in coping
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The answer was pretty eye-opening

I went through a dark night of the soul experience some years ago. The process was very extremely trying and difficult. It was a time where my entire life was uprooted and torn apart. This experience caused me to question everything about my life and who I was.

There were many days where I cried so many the point where I thought I would lose my mind and I honestly didn't know if I would make it. My life truly fell apart.

If I was a person of lesser faith, who knows what the outcome would have been… But I endured the hurt, pain, chaos, and spiritual death so to speak.

Now I’m on the other side in the process of rebirth and relearning myself.

Even though the process was extremely difficult, the end result was much needed and necessary changes (even though I didn't know this at the time).

Today I reflect on where I would be if I had not endured the dark night of the soul.

The reflection process has not been easy, but it has been extremely healing.

When we lose touch with our Souls, we lose touch with our inner guidance, wisdom, and strength. Sometimes, it can take us many years to get back in touch with the divine presence within us. This period of feeling lost and disconnected from the divine is called the Dark Night of the Soul.”

― Mateo Sol, Awakened Empath: The Ultimate Guide to Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Healing

If I had not gone through the dark night of the soul, I would still be:

Stuck in a job I wasn’t happy with and that didn’t fulfill me or feel authentic to me.

Clinging to my comfort zone and maintaining the status quo…scared to take risks and to go for what my heart truly desired.

In my same comfortable friendships that kept me stuck in a box because I had to play the role of the person they knew me to be (due to the fact that I didn’t want to upset the familiar balance).

Living in the same place I lived for the majority of my life…which also kept me in a box of seeing, doing, and being who I had always been.

In relationship with people that didn’t value me, respect me, love me, or honor me the way I deserved.

Hoping, wishing, and praying for more but getting no results.

Afraid to take the necessary action to do what it takes to actually accomplish my goals and dreams.

Just existing and surviving…but not thriving or making any real progress.

Accepting my tiny existence and allowing my dreams to slowly die and fade into the background.

Living a life of quiet desperation and frustration.

So even though the dark night of the soul is soul-crushing and life-altering, it is all divinely orchestrated and for a purpose. If you can just hang on, you will eventually break through to a new life far greater than the one you are currently living.

Where would you be if you hadn’t gone through the dark night of the soul?

I sincerely would like to know what your experience was like.

Comment down below.

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