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What Shapes A Person?

Understanding How We Become What We Become - Just A Perspective

By Divya RanjanPublished 11 days ago 3 min read
What Shapes A Person?
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Have you ever stopped to wonder why you are the person you are today? Do you know what type of person you were in the past? And do you know what kind of person you want to be in the future? All of these questions are related to understanding ourselves.

In recent times, I have been questioning everything about myself. This has had an impact on my body, mind, soul, and even my surroundings. I have been questioning my reality, or in other words, my perception of the world.

Our perspectives are formed by all of our past experiences, both internal and external. Internal experiences include our thoughts and ideas, while external experiences can be influenced by family, friends, work and surroundings. All of these experiences create a core, which forms in childhood and is updated as we go through life.

For example, if someone tells a four-year-old child that they will become a boxer and the child enjoys the idea, they will start practicing and their body and mind will change. This dedication to boxing cannot be reused for something else. Eventually, the child may grow up and become a successful boxer.

On the other hand, if someone tells a four-year-old child that writing is the best thing they can do and they enjoy it, they will start writing and may become a renowned writer in the future.

However, if the child is told that their painting is not good enough and they don't have a sense of self yet, it may form a core belief that painting is not good enough. This forms a core thought, and as the child grows up, they form other core thoughts or build upon existing ones. These core thoughts create a vast amount of data that helps with all situations, which is what we call our "perspective".

Our perspective is what forms our core personality. Our personality is a collection of data that helps us understand the world. We use this data to create our own reality, which is ever-changing. Our reality is based on our unique perspective, which is formed by our experiences and social groups.

But how does "perspective" connects with "reality"?

Reality is not just what we see with our physical eyes, but also what we feel, understand, and perceive through our thoughts and beliefs, which is our individual perspectives. Our perspectives are shaped by our past experiences and social groups, making each person's reality unique. The concept of reality is ever-changing because it is created by our perspectives, which are constantly evolving.

Despite living in the same physical world, each person has their own reality shaped by their unique perspective. However, when people come together, a common bundle of thoughts is formed, which becomes the reality in a specific context. Context plays a crucial role in defining reality and giving it a boundary.

Context can vary based on location and level, which means that what is important to one group of people may not be relevant to another. The common thought of the majority shapes the reality in a specific context, but it can change if the core bundle of thoughts changes.

It is important to recognise our core beliefs and consider changing them if they are no longer serving us or helping us live our lives the way we want. Our beliefs shape our reality, and if we want to change our reality, we must first change our beliefs.

In conclusion, reality is not fixed or finite, but constantly changing and evolving. understanding ourselves and our perspectives is vital in creating our reality. Each of us has a different perspective, which creates a unique reality. Our experiences and social groups shape our perspective, but we have the power to change our perspective and create a new reality. Understanding the role of context and our core beliefs can help us shape our own reality and live our lives to the fullest.


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Divya Ranjan

Hey Everyone, Awesome stuff happened over past few years that has helped me to see life in new light with fresh perspective and maybe a lot of different perspective which has helped me to muster up the courage to become a Writer. Look out!

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