A Normal Day with Voices in My Head


Three in the morning, I've wrested with the fears of someone breaking in. Maybe they're outside your window right now, finding a way in.

I'm tired, so when I see the tall, broad, dark shadow in the corner of my room I think to myself that it can't be real, "You're just imagining it because you're tired."

But then… I start hearing him talking to me. He tries to get me out of bed and to take a walk. He doesn't want to hurt me, for now, he just wants me to follow him.

He hides underneath the bed when I don't see him in the corner, waiting to grab me. Sometimes while I'm trying to fall asleep, I can hear him moving around under me.

The sun comes out and its a new day. It's bright out and I'm more awake, so nothing wrong could happen today.

I'm sitting in the car waiting for mom to get her morning drink from the gas station, as soon as the car door shuts, I lock the doors.

I watch each person walking past the car, and in my mind I hear them. It's not their thoughts, just what i believe they're thinking.

But they always want to harm me, constantly wanting to get into the car, put a gun to me head, and tell me to start driving.

I made it past the gas station and its time to head to work. But every car is after me. They are following me so when I get to my destination, they can grab me, and through you into their car and take off.

I make it to work unfollowed, after work I head home. The doors locked, they all are, "There's no way anyone got into the house," but I search it top to bottom as soon as I enter that door. For the person who is after me.

After I search the house, I head back to the door and turn all the locks, I close the blinds, and sit in the only spot in the living room that I can see the windows, and door. I'll be the first one to know if anything is out there.

I finally feel safe enough to calm down. This is my time to relax and forget about the bad things. I'm completely safe and I know it… I finally feel like I'm in control.

Rest the last couple of your hours in your day before the man in the night comes to stay.

Close your eyes and hope you drift away before you hear his voices calling you astray.

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Abigail Brooke
Abigail Brooke
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