The Love Life of an Anxious Being

by Michele Hastings 2 years ago in anxiety

It fucking blows man!

The Love Life of an Anxious Being


Let's talk anxiety. I am 21 old and I was diagnosed officially with Generalized Anxiety Disorder about a year ago, although it really began my junior year of high school. I was also diagnosed with depression a year ago. I never wanted to admit that I was depressed, I never wanted to admit that I was an anxious mess... but the real fucking struggle is trying to have a working relationship when your mind is constantly on fast forward.

Although I am focusing on relationships with anxiety, I would just like to point out what anxiety is like, in case you are unsure.

Me: "WOW I love this shirt. It doesn't even make me look fa!"

Anxiety: "Bitch take that stupid shirt off and never wear it again. It does make you look fat... very. You should prob just put a sweatshirt on, fatass!"

Yeah, I think that's a prime example of what I go through on a daily basis. It can get worse than that, but ya know me... I like to keep things lite and funny. I think it's really particularly hard for an anxious person to date, like honestly if you disagree then you probably don't have an anxiety disorder then. Maybe you're one of those fucking annoying ass people who pretends they know what's it like. Apparently everyone and their mother has anxiety, but really I am unsure on why anyone want to pretend they have a mental illness. I mean, fuck, take mine... no charge! It's not like it excuses me from anything or gets me better parking... I just overthink and get headaches like five times a week... fun fun fun!

Anyway, yes dating is already a challenge and a half so with anxiety... well it's basically a lost fucking cause to be honest. I believe relationships should be two best friends who have decided they want to be more than that. I don't believe in dating someone without making them see all the crazy sides of me first. I mean, I need to know this boy can handle me, ya know? I think the worst part of modern day relationships is that everyone else knows your every move because of social media. Like, if you don't make that shit Facebook official or make the hoe your "woman crush Wednesday" then that petty bitch is gonna dump you! So, I have learned what not to do by being anxious in relationships. Let's go over it, shall we?

  1. Boys may love sex, but bitches love drama.
  2. Cheating happens, but come one ladies... it's not only the other girl's fault.. odds are she just was in a weird place or had no idea you existed. (But that doesn't mean she's not a bitch... just ya know, benefit of the doubt.)
  3. Overthinking leads to overdrinking and oversmoking and overcrying.
  4. The dude in the relationship doesn't HAVE to pay for the meal, but better believe if it's the first few dates... HE IS PAYING.
  5. If he does not have a job or a car, just stop it.
  6. If you aren't in a relationship and a dude only hits you up when he's trashed, odds are, he's embarrassed to hit you up and won't do it sober. The good ole "I'm drunk" excuse will never get old.
  7. You should not feel guilty if sex comes before the relationship.. it's almost 2018 and that shit is normal.
  8. Be yourself, otherwise you're really screwing yourself out of what could be a great relationship.
  9. Reassurance is key in a relationship with an anxious person, tell me I am pretty everyday and that you still want to be with me every night... or I will cut you.
  10. STOP, like really, just STOP caring so much about the girls in his past. It's in his past for a damn reason... same thing goes for girls and the guys in her past.

Welp, that really sums it up... so yeah... peace!

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