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The Hard Truth

by: Nerissha Hunt

By Nerissha HuntPublished about a year ago 3 min read

It seems like every day, when you turn on the news, the homicide rate has skyrocketed. People are dying from drug overdoses, there is so much child abuse and so much domestic violence. Things weren’t always this bad.

There was once a time where a person could get in trouble for stealing something as simple as a candy bar or maybe a soda. They didn’t get prosecuted for it; they got a whooping. People make jokes about child abuse back then but to be honest, if someone got abused back then, we didn’t hear about it. Not saying it didn’t happen; we just never heard about it.

But today, child abuse is something that can be reported but some people don’t report it for different reasons. It’s sad because the children are the victims. They can’t stand up for themselves and they need someone to do it for them. But, when they don’t have that voice for them, they don’t know how to respond. This can cause problems in the future and most of the time, it usually does.

Back in the day, women didn’t have options in marriages, regardless of what happened. Husbands were the providers and that was how it was. Divorce was not an option. The marriage continued no matter if there was adultery, domestic violence, or other marital problems.

But now, the amount of drug overdoses is rising. In today's world, people begin drug use for various reasons. They have been through traumatic experiences; the human mind and body can only take so much. Some people lose their battle with drugs.

The homicide rate is increasing because people no longer fight with their hands. They have a weapon of choice, and they use it. It has gone beyond guns, too many weapons to name. The way that people kill each other and some of the reasons are ridiculous but the people who commit the murders feel that its justified. I don’t judge people because everyone has their own mind, and everyone makes their own decisions.

Here's another topic I want to discuss. When a mentally ill person commits a crime or hurts themselves, the first thing that law enforcement says is “it was discovered that the person was of a mental nature. We feel that we took the proper steps to handle the situation." Well, guess what? Unless that person came at you directly with the intent to kill you or hurt you, your steps to handle the situation were not proper.

You decided to take the easy way out and then try to justify it later. The easy way out: claim there was an altercation and you had to take them down. If this offends someone, I'm sorry. We do have freedom of speech you know. This upsets me because it happens too often. I'm not venting, ranting or raving. I see examples of it daily in articles I read and in some cases, videos that show things happening to people.

So many videos circulate the internet to prove this very thing. I saw one video but I'm not going to disclose what happened in it. Just know that the person in the video wasnt armed and is now resting in peace. It was a female victim. Of course, her mental status was used against her. The officer still has his job.

The Hard Truth

Jail is for criminals, they don’t try to hide

The decisions they make, sometimes they lie

Mental illness is a disorder, its nothing something a person decides

Some people are ashamed and that's why they hide it

In the criminal justice system, they use mental illness to their advantage

It’s wrong, it hurts like a sore that’s been bandaged

Law enforcement can justify the murder of a person with a mental nature

But people don’t understand that in some cases, it may be pure hatred

Some people don’t have feelings, they don’t have a heart

They may discriminate against the person right from the start

Too many cases of people like this who have died

No one is honest, they all stand by each other’s side

Sad, very sad, what does that say about the justice system

People are losing faith because of all the cracks in it


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Nerissha Hunt

Writing is not a talent; it's a gift. My stories are transparent. Not fact, not fiction. They are in a category to themselves.

You never know what to expect.

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