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Tangible reality...

loading my matrix, discarding my blue pill...

By The Omnipotent DeityPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Tangible reality...
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Tangible reality

Your reality is a manifestation of what you believe you are worthy and capable of. It’s a direct correlation in so much as if you believe you are destined for greatness, you won’t settle for anything less than because you know what is fated for you. You refuse to buy other people’s perceptions of you, and you don’t allow your circumstances to dictate your future. This process is an evolutionary one because one doesn’t wake up and Instantly adopt this mindset. As humans, we have more power than we are evenly remotely aware of. There’s not a science or name for the intangible presence that you become attuned to. If a person decided that their life sucks and then believe they’re doomed and destined for a life of mediocrity and obscurity, then that is what will be presented, and that person will subconsciously disregard opportunities that could contradict that mindset and put them in advantageous positions. Fear, resentment, failure, and embarrassment will hold a person in check with a higher success rate than any other system of oppression ever could. Your environment has the ability to shape you, but it can never have the authority to define you. Even a plant raised in a violent home can reach its full bloom. May not be by conventional means, but given the nourishment, it will fight to reach maturity and it won’t think twice about whatever obstacles were presented along the way.

I only began to adopt this mindset within the last 5 years of my life. I’m speaking from personal experience because I can only offer my perspective in hopes of helping others. Limiting myself to what others perceived of me left me with a feeling of emptiness and a desire for much more. It allowed me to aimlessly wander, drifting, aching for some spark I believed would just spontaneously occur. Never realizing that I must create my own spark and ignite my own fire towards greatness. Now don’t confuse this at all with the idea that I know what I’m meant to do in this life, because I don’t. In fact, I still envy those that have found their true calling. To have such clarity and direction and purpose is something I desire so strongly but I understand that my moment of clarity hasn’t occurred because there are still things I must discover and learn about myself before I can lead or inspire others. I can confidently admit that I have no freaking idea what I’m doing and that 95% of the time, I am merely “winging it” and just proceeding with nothing more than just a hunch. I’ve fully embraced the things that make me feel like ME and I’ve discarded the old remnants that I clung to for validation. I find peace in my own silence and I find joy in the positive energy of those that enjoy my presence. Part of the maturation process also involved understanding how I can be manipulated and that I’m not impervious to such tactics because I am human; just like the rest of us. Realizing that complex, intricate, and sometimes unintentional actions are taken against me for another’s procurement of peace or validation. I won’t hold any malice towards that person because I understand the struggle. But part of my own journey is recognizing these shrewd operators and free myself of that relationship. Self-preservation is not selfish when one is cognizant of the fact that you can’t become what you’re meant to and help others if you are continuously delaying your own ascension so that others can feel more comfortable in their own hell.

The power of the mind is unmatched by anything else within our own body. Read that again.

Now think about it on a deeper level, pain can be overridden from the mind. Your mind can only be limited by your own imagination. It has the capacity to transplant you to other realities via dreams. It’s able to control your bodily functions on autopilot and allow your mind to aimlessly wander while doing so.

Having the mental clarity to visualize yourself in a specific situation can help you understand what decisions to make long before you realize it’s all coming together. The mind also has the ability to leave you in a crippling state of fear and anxiety because of an experience. You can barricade yourself within yourself and not even be fully aware of it, prompting you to make decisions and behave in a way that’s contradictory to your own psychology.

Only recently have I begun to truly understand the power of what a focused mindset can have as a whole. It’s one thing to ell yourself that today is going to be a good day, but it’s an entirely different world when you wake up and decide that nothing will be a setback. There will be no case of the Mondays because that ignores the fact that it’s another day of life, another day full of possibility. I catch myself no longer staring at a clock waiting and wishing for the weekend just for it to pass by in the blink of an eye. I understand that my environment is completely full of temporary successes and pleasures. I am cognizant of the fact that the things I used to stress over are trivial and will not withstand the test of time. But I’ll be honest with you, it took quite a large number of personal setbacks happening consecutively for me to realize that things just happen, regardless of whether or not good or bad karma is being repaid, chaos just strikes. It’s nothing personal, it’s just part of the game. I’d be foolish to sit here and say that I’m adequately prepared for chaos, because I’m not. And I never will be. But I can acknowledge that chaos is always lurking and living in fear of the inevitable event that it will strike takes away from so many other beautiful things happening simultaneously.

Each morning, I awake and visualize the ideal ending to my day given my circumstances. I don’t get outrageous when my reality consists of a typical workday. I keep it realistic, and I envision my routine, I keep in mind what are the worst possible outcomes and then I can set two feet on the ground and attack the day knowing the worst things that could happen will not lead to my demise. I’ve specifically trained my mind to identify the negatives because I eliminate what could be used against me to create new stress and anxiety. The positive possibilities are endless and don’t require much thought.

The road to self discovery is a never ending one and it requires the patience and endurance to truly enjoy the journey despite the growing pains and inevitable setbacks. It will always be mind over matter, and your reality is comprised of matter.


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