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Self-love Matters

by Philippe Stonebeck 22 days ago in selfcare

What is awakened selfishness? How can you experience self-love, keep it and share it with others with gratitude?

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Self-love is too often misunderstood as selfishness, a sort of egotistical, greedy and narcissistic state of being at the exclusion or expense of others.

Fortunately, it has nothing to do with its contemporary and elevated meaning. Culturally, and in many countries around the world, self-centeredness has always been frowned upon.

There is a new notion I’d like to forward: the idea of awakened selfishness, which is the healthy principle that places each individual at the center of their own life without embarrassment or vanity.

From this platform comes the realization that you are the true conduit for change, progress and communion amongst all people.

Self-love & the body

A human being possesses a body, a mind and a spirit. We too often forget that the body is the true temple of our experience: no body, no experience. We are so used to processing our lives through the mind i.e. our thoughts and concerns goals and aspirations, etc.

Truth be told, it is our physical-emotional experiencing that gives our thoughts and actions power and impact.

In that context, self-love or awakened selfishness means a healthy and necessary orientation toward fulfilment, success and aliveness originating from the core of our being: our physical-emotional body.

Awakened consciousness 101, could easily begin with the understanding that there are many kinds of love, and that self-love is one of the most important. Without that, true compassion toward others cannot truly blossom.

After all, have you ever asked yourself “who” is actually doing the loving when you say “I love you”? An interesting question, isn’t it?

The love of humanity, of God or the love of work as well as the love of loving, the love of all things or the love for a child or a spouse, are other kinds of love.

© 2021 Artist Benichou

For instance, many people who are “in love” actually love “being in love” more that they love the actual person. It’s really great self-knowledge if you are amongst that group and it certainly does not diminish the quality or devotion one is capable of.

In this case, love is experienced within. Romeo and Juliet are a perfect example of this kind of romantic love, felt so deep inside each person.

Self-love is a constant meditation

The following are some assertions on self-love, which can provide a very deep sense of relaxation and connection to oneself, others and the world.

Let yourself be guided…

  • Self-love is not a concept, but rather a process of watching yourself love yourself.
  • Self-love only begins when the mind and the emotions are relaxed.
  • Self-love is not a choice one makes, it is something one discovers within.
  • Self-love is receptive and does not respond to strategic or critical thinking.
  • Self-love brings pleasure, humour and peace to your body and your spirit.
  • Self-love never makes mistakes, as all mistakes are relative concepts.
  • Self-love is aligned with your life flow, whereas the mind is aligned with the past.
  • Only self-love allows you to truly love and commune with others.
  • It is impossible to truly love another without loving yourself first.
  • There is no mind in self-love, only receptivity without the interference of measuring and comparing thoughts.
  • The less the mind controls your inner life, the more self-love is experienced.
  • Self-love is not a feeling, and it does not objectify an idea of a “self” to love.
  • You can love your mind and you can love another, but it will never become self-love.
  • Co-dependency is giving one’s power to someone in order for them to love you, because you cannot love yourself.
© 2021 Artist Benichou

Note: these articles in intuitive awareness are offered as creative inspiration for enhanced self-knowledge and emotional intelligence.

Science uses intuition to establish new paths of inquiry and advance possible theories. I favor a philosophical exploration through my own intuition rather than fit-all reasoning.

I see myself as a traveling mystic and emotional spirit filtering universal consciousness in the now. I am the witness of a great cosmic joke playing with my being on this earth, inside the tremendous beauty and mystery of life.

Philippe Stonebeck
Philippe Stonebeck
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Philippe Stonebeck

I write to inspire people to walk their unique path with transformative insights into self-knowledge. My goal is to continue teaching essential skills for performance, self-expression and communication so as to empower the individual path.

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