Narcissists and Psychopaths Online

The internet is a playground for psychopaths. It gives them the opportunity to appear to be "working" even when they are not working and have not been employed for years. It gives them the opportunity to create online profiles the perfect masks, to attract supply. It gives them lots of opportunity to track, stalk, hack and harass.

Narcissists and Psychopaths Online

Narcissistic psychopaths love mobile devices. They can lock them up, pull them out to appear; busy, working or otherwise occupied and important and they can lock you out.

Devices store online profiles, potential supply, supply outside of their relationship or marriages, pornography (many are addicted to porn) and provide unlimited options for them to create and recreate new masks and veneers.

Even apps designed for business are littered with profiles designed to show who a person aspires to be professionally instead of who they actually are. Never be sold by a professional profile. Be diligent and check references, state licensing boards, professional affiliations and the companies that a person claims to work for. Many unemployed "professionals" have all day, every day to perfect their professional personas.

The internet is a place where they can have many different personas operating at the same time. If one does not work, they can plow ahead using another. Psychopaths make the assumption that the average, normal, trusting person does not bother to check and make sure that a person is who they claim to be, works where they claim to work and holds the credentials that they claim to have. The magical thinking part of their brain believes that they are whatever they claim to be, because they said they are. And that is dangerous to potential new friends, employers, universities, money lending institutions, and new partners.

Many narcissistic psychopaths cling to their mobile phones in all situations. They have become addicted to them enjoying the constant stream of stimulation from the internet, the thrill of persuading others with their electronic masks and the built-in distraction that keeps them safe from having to interact with people around them.

It is tedious for the most psychopathic people to "act normal." Their voices are naturally monotone and devoid of emotion. They do not naturally make eye contact and they do not operate with empathy. The more they interact with people around them, the more they risk exposing themselves and cracking their own veneer.

Mobile phones, tablets and devices are a perfect solution. They can detach from the events going on around them whilst claiming they are "working." It is a common ruse and it's a red flag. If someone is "working" excessively, particularly at times when other people are not working, there is a chance they are not worthy of praise for being so hard working but rather are monsters masquerading as workaholics.

We spoke to one woman who explained how her former partner was on devices literally 24x7, including sleeping with them. She said that he would "fall asleep" in social situations and make things awkward. He would fall asleep whilst caring for the children, causing them danger and alerting her to the fact that he did not understand or care that he was responsible for the children's safety whilst they were in his care. He truly believed that falling asleep whilst caring for children was acceptable. That was until he was reported to department of children and families for child neglect and endangerment. She divorced him soon after. He spun the story that he was "hard working" and worked harder than other people, which he believed justified his constant usage of devices.

Narcs and Psychopaths are easily bored. The internet, games, porn, potential new supply, give them constant stimulation. Many were deprived of stimulation, care, interaction from their own parents when they were children. Depending on when they grew up, they became reliant on the stimulation from televisions or the internet.

One man who has a particularly eerie monotone voice, sleeps during the day and stays awake all night. He was raised by cartoons. Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner are how he learned about the world. His parents were physically present but refused to speak to him, stimulate him, answer his questions or otherwise engage him. He grew into a dark adult who did not work but instead scammed people and continued with his bizarre pattern of sleeping during the day, being a predator during the night. His mother, a narcissistic psychopath, did whatever she could to hold him back, keep him close, limit his opportunities and ensure that he failed in the world outside of the delusional one she created. It worked. His best friend is his mobile phone. He uses it to show how busy, productive, sought after and engaging he is. He is none of those things. However, if you saw his dating profile you would believe he was a wonderful catch. You can never be careful enough.

When someone is committed to you, they are not online meeting other people. It's just that way. There are multiple scenarios in which you can dissect this information, qualify it, make excuses. When a person loves, respects and cherishes you, assuming that neither of you are polyamorous, the person is no longer meeting new people online or otherwise soliciting the opposite sex. Someone who is committed takes their dating profiles down and focuses on you. That will not happen with a narcissist or a psychopath.

The internet and devices provide narcissists and psychopath with constant stimulation, supply and never ending opportunities to curate masks. Human beings who are healthy and integrated, who have empathy are social creatures. They are born with the innate desire to interact with one another. Using a device is not a substitution for human contact. Narcissists and Psychopaths will prefer electronics over being with their family and children. They will choose games over people. They will encourage their children to do the same and will not stimulate their own children as they are preoccupied with the world they created online.

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