Beyond the Blues
Beyond the Blues

My journey through depression

by Rachel 30 days ago in depression

I would like you to come on my journey with me through depression.

My journey through depression
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I have changed over the past year as a person. I’ve changed into somebody I never thought I would ever become. It’s like my life has changed around me and I’m not part of it anymore. I feel like I’m a totally different human on a different planet and it’s all down to my anxiety and depression. I would like to share my story below with you for anybody going through the same situation. I would like to think I can help somebody and bring that light back into somebody else’s life.

My depression started around this time last year. I was kicked out of my property due to a very unpleasant landlord and made homeless. I had no were to live and no income. I was heavily in debt and I was worried sick and my health started to be going down hill rather quickly.

I went to live somewhere else with a friend of mine. Things were fine at first then things started to change. We started arguing. Things became sour between us. I had to move out. Things where starting to look up for us though as we had got another property and it was perfect for me.

I love my new property. It’s perfect for me. We have settled down a lot. This has helped my depression a lot. It has helped me realise that I really do have things to live for and things are slowly looking up for me.

My health is getting better and I feel like I’m starting to slowly overcome my journey. I still have a lot of things going around in my head. I have all these thoughts and worries. It feels like life is sometimes ahead of me.

I often cry my self to sleep on a night. I close my eyes and all I see is a black patch lurking around me. I keep telling my self that everything is going to be ok. I keep walking in other peoples footsteps. I feel like there so happy and I’m so miserable. Why is life making me feel this way? Why am I being punished?

I feel like there’s only me that’s so sad and I want to be like everybody else. I want to live a normal live and be happy. I often wonder what it would be like to smile and have laughter like everybody else in life.

My depression has made me realise that I’m able to cope with it. I have ways of getting around it when I feel sad. I often go out with the people I love around me in my life. I like to go somewhere that I enjoy and relax. It’s a nice way for me to forget about everything and be happy for a change with people.

My depression is getting better slowly. I’m starting to feel like I do have a future. Like there’s really people that do care about me in my life. I feel like I should hold out for the good things and not give up to soon. I think we just need to grow stronger as a person. We need to make our lives complete in the way that we would want them to be for the better.

I would like to think in the future I’m able to put all the worries and bad thoughts to the back of my mind and move on from it. I know I’ve got my close friends and partner to stand by me and that’s all that matters to me. I know there the ones that truly care about me and I’m sure they will stand by me.

It’s been a very hard journey for me and I’m still going through them tough times. I just have to think to myself many other people are going through a much harder time then me. I just think in my head that it’s a short stint and it will be over soon.

Everyday gets better. I start to find new things that I enjoy this helps me with getting through my sadness and worries. It takes my mind of things and ever since becoming active doing things I’ve already seen a change in me.

I’m managing to get little bits done around the house and do general tasks as well as enjoy the outdoors which has been a big task for me. It’s about the little steps that help the most with me. I’m taking one day at a time and speaking to you about it has helped me get it off my chest.

I would like to think that telling you my story has shed some light in to your situation. I would like to think it’s helped somebody in one way or another. I want to make a change and I feel like we all have to go through this journey together.

I hope you enjoyed reading about me journey. I hope it helped to put a little smile on your life and to help your current situation. I appreciate you reading it and I look forward to making more content in the future.

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