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My Fear of Heights – and Conquering It

by Brandon Branch 5 years ago in advice
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One small step is a big one.

"The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself".–Franklin D. Roosevelt

Fear, it truly is one of the main reasons a number of the population aren't able to do what they wish, like chasing a dream or passion-but, your fear gets to you, it gets in your way, like a brick wall blocking your path or a feeling that just chokes you up inside.

Fear comes in many shapes and forms. It comes in many phrases also.

My fear, or what I use to fear is Acrophobia, or fear of heights.

I foggily remember being somewhere really high up in my late toddler years and that's when my fear ignited. I was downright terrified of heights from that point onward. There were times where I attempted to conquer my fear, but those attempts got me a broken right leg and discomfort in my right wrist. Those attempts made my fear go up even more so than before.

I get it, no matter how much nerve or effort you put into it some people are sure to never get over their fears, it is in fact the sad truth for some people. No one wants to live the rest of their lives in fear.

I remember the day I finally got over my fears. It's not exactly grand but it's always an achievement to conquer something like fear.

My junior high school was planning a spring trip to good old Kings Dominion. I have to admit what was supposed to be a feeling of thrill and excitement was sickness and terror for me. Of course I had to get on something big, or I would've looked like a wimp (you all know that feeling). The baby step of a ride I tried was the Berserker (I think that's the name of the ride). It was a ship-like ride that swung back and forth, and of course I was terrified most of the ride, but I wasn't one of those people that straight up screamed in terror, more likely the silent type that always holds their breath. Throughout the rest of the portion of the ride I slowly started to relax. Afterwards I stayed in the waterpark the rest of the time.

The first visit was just baby steps, like I said

The second time around we hung around Snoopy Land (or is it Snoopy World?). I went on a ride that goes straight up in the air and just swings you around and around, nauseousness was clearly the first thing I felt during the first minute of the ride. But when I learned to relax, I looked around as we spun, I absolutely loved the view of the park and the greenery of the trees.

It was right then and there I realized you can't get a view like that being stuck to the ground. That day I got over my fear of heights.

Third trip came along and I was actually excited to go, I actually wanted to get on as many tall rides as I could. I spent most of the time at the water park trying to find the tallest waterslides I could find; the rush I use to be afraid of then filled me with the excitement I was supposed to feel.

Today I take every opportunity I can get in looking down from a high, beautiful view and not shaking in my boots.

My lesson to everyone is, no matter what you are afraid of, no matter what gets in your way or causes you to not do what you enjoy, take baby steps in that area, no matter how small of a step it is for you, the small steps are big steps in the process of conquering your fears.


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