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Life has love, life is happy

Thank the world to meet, cherish every love of life, life has love, life is happy at will.

By danielhuangPublished 7 days ago 9 min read

True love, is holding hands, through the wind and rain, cold warm each other, a kind of pay, two hearts rely on, true love is a heart, to deal with the troubles, tired encourage each other, a kind of understanding, the heart has comfort, true love, the same way, into the future, old age snuggle together, a kind of happiness, together, I have no regrets, love, is not to find a pair of perfectly suitable for your hands, But a pair of no matter how inappropriate, also willing to hold your hand, each feeling, is understanding in the heart, each heart, is inclusive wind and rain, accompanied by warmth and know how to carry together, have the truth, moistens the heart, have pity, around the life, know advance and retreat, know how to defend, know how to be grateful, mutual tolerance, true to each other, the feeling is warm, Love is considerate, family is harmonious, life is a casual, love the world, the most afraid of suspicion, afraid of heart, love dictionary, fear of right and wrong, false love, limit the person you love, you do not like, you are in control, ask your lover, not you have love, yes, love to be casual, love to be happy, life to sunshine, feelings to warm.

Love is not right and wrong, love is not guilty and have, love is reflected in silence, love is in nature, many many silent moved, the real feelings, not commitment, not agreement, more not conditions, but trust and understanding, promise more, can not fulfill is a lie, agreement is good, can not really hurt, conditions are good, can not get along is torture, Love needs a firm trust, but also need a sincere understanding, love is not to blame, not to let the other party in accordance with their own thinking to live, love is inclusive, love is regressive, love is for each other to change, what is the highest state of love, not what is at each other's throats, is a habit, a woman used to a man's snoring, Never adapt to the habit to no his snore can't sleep, this is love, a man used to a woman's capricious, spoiled, even vexatious, this is love, a person will for another person to change, to accommodate, this is love, for lover to lover, how much you accommodate, how much love, love is willing, love is used to be pulled, love is like to be liked, Love is understanding to be understood.

Love is inclusive, love is casual, in fact, personality is not an excuse for love, to know how to cherish and protect everyone around, the past five hundred times to look back, in exchange for this life meet, the person who really love you, not only focus on your body or wealth, but more care about your emotions, you will be distressed by the burden, you will not have the heart to sad, you will give in to the spoiled, You are unreasonable can endure, this is true love, then intimate a feeling, there will be misunderstanding and disagreement, no quarrel couples, only not harmonious family, angry, can not solve any problems, roar, pain is the heart is split, cold war, will only make contradictions unlimited escalation, warm a heart for many years, cool a heart as long as a moment, some reason, Let a let in the past, some words, endure a harmonious, some things, ask is clear, give each other the opportunity, is the crystallization of love sublimation of love, to love tolerance, is you love to be loved a understand, each other tolerant, forgive each other, mutual understanding, cherish, feelings good, will never abandon, life is love, willing to happy.

There is love in life, life is happy at will, a love, no commitment oath, just silently together, a love, no need to miss every day, just exhort, love a person is not hug hug, more not kiss me, nor the exchange of interests, but can read you, pay attention to your emotions, two people in love do not need to be together every day, as long as each other in the heart, Love will be able to, love together for a long time, two people's character will gradually complement each other, love the temper, will become better and better, more and more accommodating, love the person, perhaps character will become more and more domineering, but still can go together, because one of the party is trying to cater to the other side, there is always a person will change their bottom line to cater to indulge mild, Not everyone is born with a good temper, just afraid of losing you, they would rather spoil you more and more bad, trapped in the bosom love in the heart, love in the heart, the love of a person has no regret, feeling is just the intention, the loved one is clear in the heart, feeling very natural, Zhou Yu beat Huang Gai, one is willing to beat and another is willing to suffer, this is love, this is love.

Respect each other's wishes, let love can leave a gap, understand each other's love, let the feeling can be more inclusive, love to heart to heart, there is joy to share, love to each other warm, sorrow to share, sincere relative truth, coarse cloth cloth is perfect, understand the interpretation of true love, rice tea is also warm, plain, simple, heart to natural, love is simple, feelings will be long, happy, long, Days need to be satisfied, life will be happy, couples need to tolerate, feelings have laughter, a person, the greatest happiness, is someone care about, a love, the greatest heart, is someone inclusive, some words, no sweet words, just considerate and concerned, some reason, no serious understand, just understand, a love, no commitment oath, just silently together, a love, No need to miss every day, just remind, plain years, two hearts snuggle up to each other, two hands help each other, a man's heart to be wide, life is warm, women's hearts to be good, days to be peaceful, between lovers to give each other a space, born in the hearts of love, cherish yourself cherish others, love the people you love, let love warm, let love warm.

A passage of the past, a touch of memory, a trace of care, a bunch of warm Yang, the familiar face in the memory slowly blurred in the prosperous years, the years depict who is the face, time precipitation is who miss, time is touched by the heart of who, a youth flower rain in a hurry, in my world has been brilliant bloom, weak water three thousand, I only want to take a gourd, green years, I only miss a section, bustling years, I alone fall in love with a person, courtyard lock clear autumn, eventually locked a missing, the end of the world view clouds, leave no trace of care, love you do not need to explain, because know, do not love you do not need to explain, because it is not worth it, some people, used to each other's language, repeat thousands of times also do not feel tired, waiting for each other's good night, just because of the miss in my heart, If, no longer trust between heart and heart, then what good is there to get along with, if, there is suspicion between love and love, then continue to be why, the same idea, became the result of deliberate imitation, coincidence of action, became the reason for the loss of personality, true love is not tired, willing to pay for their love, the truth does not regret, tolerance for each other.

Love has come true, love to deepen, true feelings from the heart of love, do not care about each other's wealth and honor, but honest and sincere, inclusive and cherish, love is a feeling, do not love a person is a reason, really love a person does not need any reason, love is insipid stick, old age, love a person, is a kind of courage, pain a person, is a kind of truth, When the passion fades, romance is gone, shortcomings exposed, appearance old, still guarding around is the true lover, the most really have is me, the most beautiful feeling is that I understand, there is a kind of company although not figure, but very sincere, there is a kind of waiting although quietly, but very deep, deep in the heart, is silent support, between the soul, is quietly listening, never prove the voice, Just far from appreciation, never ask for any response, just no complaints, the other side of the watch, is the shore of the moved, accompanied by thousands of miles, is the heart of abundance, never invite, have a peace of mind, do not say oath, never goodbye, sentimentality, because of understanding and born, accompanied, because of missing.

Love is the joy of two hearts, can not help but draw close to each other, Qingyi coarse cloth also favor, shanty tea is also at ease, true love, not because of material wealth, not because of beautiful appearance, accompany I is a heart, destined to this life has a reluctant farewell, achievement of a period of love past, time like quicksand across the fingertips, never leave a trace of years, Looking back at the moment, the past is like smoke, the old feelings are also deep and shallow, is miss, is also nostalgia, for the heart, more fall in love, a youth flower rain, in my world had wonderful bloom, it flickers, it is gorgeous, it is brilliant, it let me not forget, heart, don't guess, the more guess the more suspicious, love, don't cold, the colder the farther, before the date, But quietly walk away, good together for a lifetime, but no words to talk about, feelings or friendship, you do not say, I do not speak, a long time even take the initiative to open the courage is gone, a few people on the road of life, a few people go, how much joy, how much sorrow, why so unbearable, meet is not easy, together is difficult, cherish and cherish, cherish you love.


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