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Running is not just about being first

Running is not just about being first. Push forward, push forward, push forward, and success will be ours.

By Bear feelingPublished about a year ago 3 min read

When the roar around, I can only listen to self breathing, this moment only lonely self, can believe that I can, when we shout, just to tell you, this moment has me and you together, the top of the road is not lonely, running not only for the first.

Choose the real self, how many roads can go up the mountain, you have to personally to open up, running not only for the first, listen to the voice of the heart, every step is to prove you, the meaning of existence, when the shout around, I can only listen to self breathing, this moment only lonely self, can believe that I can, running not only for the first.

In order to create a magic, let the world cheer for you, you have to appreciate your self, running not only for the first, the opponent only your self, when you try to take the first step, the champion is you, running not only for the first.

Life is difficult, difficult to settle down, such a big world, such a small individual; There are too many people in the big world, so many people are connected with each other and each other, time and space, the path is unpredictable.

The difficult thing is how to find a place for myself in this crowded world. I gradually found that, in fact, life needs very little, according to the voice of the heart to the world, often benefit a lot. It can not only meet your external needs, but also can even make up for the vacancy of the soul. So in those days that feel everything is bound by desire, full of ideas are bound by reality, I began to run, rather than entanglement, as indifferent to put down. Do only one thing in a day, a year, or a lifetime.

When running, I set my sights far and set my goals far. I find a way to choose between breathing and a sense of balance in the alternations of steps. I only enjoy the process of running every day, and do only one thing according to my ability.

Step by step, steady running forward, looking back on the past, found that although this year only done this thing, but fruitful.

I become no longer complicated, simple, I become a regular life, more able to enjoy the freedom of the mind, I become not stuck in the details, more able to calmly cope with everything in life and work, the original dream, dream does not need to be so lofty and great, the heart is in line with the most true self.

Only do one thing well, is the original rhythm of life, no matter how busy and tired the day will be light, no matter how bitter and salty life is not worth mentioning.

Years imprinted in our hearts is only quiet good, because we at one time, just want to do the thing at hand to the extreme.

Because of external forces and have to give up things called ideas, not for other tired and unwilling to give up is the dream.

The power that cannot be given up comes from within.

Don't waste your time. Don't be greedy for the joy of the moment, young as much as possible to learn more culture, open the horizon, broaden the mind, training wisdom, a little later in life in the cracks in the capital. Don't feel inferior, don't be so high.

People alive, understand a book or good at one thing, you do not need to panic, is a setback, but also temporary. The social mechanism itself is bound to provide opportunities for those who learn specialized skills and grow. Believe this, because society needs such people to function.

Toward the self of the dream, dream and run forward, as long as stick to it, although ultimately did not succeed, but the things experienced when running forward, is always a treasure in the growth of self.

Running is not only for the first place, but more importantly, it is to strive for one's dream bit by bit. Success in the sense of self is to surpass oneself, break through oneself, give full play to one's potential, perseverance and ability, and sharpen oneself into a sharp sword, which can cut through thorns on the way forward and sail through the sea.


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