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Live well with blessings and hobbies

By Aileen AileenPublished 12 months ago 7 min read

Today is a time for our whole family to reunite. Everyone is drinking and eating happily. I am the only one who laughs and plays with the children. I used to be in this field, drinking and talking. Although I am not in it, I am always happy in my heart. In my spare time, the sisters sit together. After 25 years, we took a photo of our childhood again. At that moment, I was very moved and touched by the passing of time. Inadvertently, their children have become like ours when we were young. At this moment, my sister is already in tears.

In the tears is the powerlessness of time and the helplessness of the current life. In this way, the inner words of the sisters were opened. As a listener, I listened to them tell the grievances in their hearts. Watching them cry in pain. I am not a person who is particularly comforting, but I think I can open the key to your heart, and when everyone calms down, I started today's hypnosis journey in the audience of 4 sisters. Today, my sister told me that she dreamed that I was giving She reminded me that her time had come.

Backtracking one:

When I arrived here, the case was already in tears. In the picture, a nun was chanting sutras and praying to Buddha, guiding her people to do good deeds every day and helping them out of their predicament. Her father occasionally came to the monastery. For many predestined people, they would come to the monastery more often to practice and meditate together. I think this is one of the reasons why our family members are very close to the Buddha. In my previous life, people of my generation have all had the experience of practicing. I suddenly remembered the moment when my grandma passed away and our younger generations recited sutras together. In the constant cycle of reincarnation, we will forget our homework, but there is always a power in the dark that will always wake us up.

Backtracking two:

In the picture, a soldier is performing a very dangerous mission. He is a Communist Party member. He was just a small official at first, and later became a commander. He also found a beloved girl and lived a simple life. But he led the troops with great vigor.

Such a picture of the previous life is also giving her strength and paving the way. In the current life, my sister is just a small employee of a central enterprise, and all of them are under pressure and suffering. They don’t believe in themselves and have no strength in their hearts.

Backtracking three:

In the picture, a man who looks like Prince Charming is riding a car. He is a prince in the Warring States period. Every day he is idle, having fun, and everyone is around him. Watching his face die, life is boring. Later, I learned that my father was not my own father. I once killed my mother and took the throne. Later, I gathered my cronies and overthrew the rule. The only regret is that the person I love is in a neighboring country and cannot be together due to many reasons.

scene one

in the last scene. At the moment when he was born, he saw everyone's eyes full of love, blessings, and moved. He came to the world with everyone's expectations and she was happy.

The case once doubted life many times and felt that life was meaningless. Today, the high self told her in another wise way that she was born with blessings and love. Such blessings will accompany her for the rest of her life. When you are sad, think of this picture, and your heart will will be warm.

Then I took her to connect with my higher self. This is also the most important part of the reminder. From entering to the presentation of the screen, we are all guiding us to give us answers.

Me: Regarding the life of the Prince of the Warring States Period, what do you want to tell her:

Higher Self: I want to tell her that she was a very successful person. Caring for the world, people. She once abandoned herself for the sake of the people, but for the present, she is restricted by time and space. But she is a person who has everything in her heart.

Me: For this life as a soldier, what do you want for her now?

Higher self: I want to tell him to persevere, persistence will pay off, the current job is what she will persist in, and she will be a very successful person in the future.

Me: For the scene of birth, what do you want to tell her at the moment?

Higher Self: She was born with expectations and love, and her future life will be beautiful. Love is always with you.

Me: She is very anxious recently, do you have anything to comfort her?

Higher self: It’s all trivial things, don’t worry about it. How can a person’s life be without setbacks? In her life, it has been very smooth. It’s just that she used to have status and status, although the status is not prominent now. As long as she persists, she will get it.

Me: She wanted to open a dessert shop by herself before, what advice do you have?

Higher self: She is not suitable for doing things by herself, she will achieve something in his work as long as she persists, she will have great achievements, as long as she persists, she can get what she wants.

Me: Why does she dream of doing volume reminders?

Higher Self: I am reminding her.

Me: Why is her scalp numb recently?

Higher self: I am reminding her to be sober, return to the present moment, and do the present work well, don’t think about everything

Me: When we were very young, we went to play together. Weixia fell down and was about to fall into the cliff soon, but it stopped abruptly. What happened?

Higher Self: It is blessed by the gods. This child has always been blessed by the gods.

Me: Which god is it?

Higher Self: Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva and Her Guardian God

Me: Weixia's third eye of internal vision is the most open among all of my people. Is it related to this patron saint?

Higher Self: Yes, and she will be practicing with you in the future and has her own students

Me: In this family, many boys died young, why?

Higher self: A few generations back, they didn’t practice enough and didn’t have enough virtue, so the karma just came to this generation, but at the same time, the girls of your generation are changing the family karma. You all have a lot of fate with Buddha.

Me: What does this picture of the nun tell her?

Higher self: This is her previous life. She used to practice. She is also a person who is very close to Buddhism. Because of many things, she has no time. When she has time, she will practice hard.

Me: Is there anything you can tell us at the end?

Higher self: You must be united. When you are in trouble, you must help each other so that you can get better and better. In the family tree, as long as one person is bad, the others will not be good

Me: is there anything you want to tell me

Higher Self: You are like the conductor of this family. You have to play the role of a baton to bring everyone together. You are different from them. You can feel the persistence that others can’t feel. What you are doing now is really good. You are doing it every day. help others keep going

Me: What has changed for her today?

Higher self: life attitude, way of doing things, mental outlook will be very beneficial and helpful

Epilogue: I woke up my sister while two sisters and one sister were watching. I think today we have opened a door for you through mass reminders and led you to see a whole new world. Moon Meditation In the meditation the sisters have connected the different images are full of power and Buddha nature and I have shed tears because I feel our ancestors looking at us with relief This moment I have been waiting for a long time but it is not Late because of our original intention, our Buddha nature has always been there

One day later in the morning kundalini yoga class, the last song is Eternal Sunshine, it sings this 'Eternal Sunshine Shines on You All the Love Surrounds You' During meditation I suddenly remembered today's case The way it just came to the world, that person was replaced by me, I also brought blessings and love with everyone’s expectations of me, so I was also confused and sad, always doubting why I came to the world, but when I think of my father, mother and others For my love and blessings we've burst into tears I think in hypnosis it's the case and in life it may be me and it's all of us because we're all born with blessings and love and such blessings last forever Be with us forever. Bless you dear.


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