How I Cured My 'Lost Item' Syndrome

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How I Cured My 'Lost Item' Syndrome

If you are anything like me, then you are constantly looking for stuff that you lost. If you are like me, then I do have some good news! There are ways to help you find your missing items, and this is one of them. I call it "Journal of the Lost Items."

How does it work?

Retrace your steps! First, try to remember the last time you saw it. If you can't remember the last time you saw it... then when did you first notice it was gone? Try to put yourself in the situation, where would you have put it? I have this habit of putting things in shopping bags while shopping, like my phone, my wallet and most recently, a lottery ticket.

Here are some examples:

Just below are three REAL examples that are also really embarrassing. This is the process that has helped me find so man items in my life. In other words, these are my ADHD 'self help' notes that help me find my lost items. Why not take a look at them to see if it can help you find lost items too. Not to mention, they are actually pretty funny too. So I hope you get a couple of laughs out of them.

Item – Lost Wallet

Last time I saw my wallet…

  • Didn’t have it at movies (Tuesday)—was in jacket pocket
  • Last saw it when I got hand crème/bought a pita
  • Thought: (shouldn't it still be in hand crème plastic bag?)
  • Wednesday/Thursday I was at Ryan’s
  • Officially lost Friday—couldn’t find it just before work
  • Was found in bag with crème… in trash :(

Item – Lost Wallet Again

  • The last time I used my wallet was when I went shopping on Saturday.
  • First I went to the dollar store,
  • Then I bought Leela’s Birthday present (my dog).
  • Lastly, I bought a couple of groceries.
  • I came home and set everything up, I’m pretty sure I last saw it in the kitchen.
  • Could it be in the car?
  • I probably put it one of the bags, where are they now?
  • Was in party bag in room!

Item - Lost Phone

Last time I saw it?

  • Just now, next to me on my bed?
  • Is in the sheets?
  • Could it have fallen off of the bed?
  • Did I leave it on the dresser?
  • Was found in sheets after boyfriend called it.

On Lost Items...

“That’s no reason for them to take your things,” he said flatly. “D’you want help finding them?”

“Oh no,” she said, smiling at him. “They’ll come back, they always do in the end.”

- Margaret Atwood

On a more serious note ...

ADHD is both a mental illness and a learning disability. It affects the mind directly and it can be a struggle to live with. If you have ADHD, I hope this blog makes you feel less alone. There are lots of us ADHD people struggling out there!

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