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Haters/Social Media/Press/Exes: Look What You Made Me Do

by Lizzy Arrow 4 years ago in coping

Diary Entries Online…are they true are they not? You decide.

Created by Lizzy Arrow

Dear Haters/Social Media/Press/Exes

I really don't like your little games because they ruin my life; hackers, all the lies and attempts to get control over people even when you're not around them anymore. Don't act like you're on a tilted stage because you can't get what you want; the role that you made me play, making me out as the fool and a bad person. This is why I don't like you and I don't like your perfect crime. The way you laughed as you lied about everything, especially when you say who you really are but actually it's not true; it isn't cool and I do not like you one single bit.

Yet now I'm taking control; I'm breaking these chains because I'm getting smarter and starting to get harder in the nick of time due the fact that I rose up from the dead hiding from my fear. I have a list of names and guess what all of you are in red, in capitals and underlined. I don't check it just once but I check it twice to make sure.

Look what you made me do. I've deleted all of my social media apps because I'm living in fear of being hunted or talking to hackers. Look what you just made me do. Thank you for making me realise how much you're complete arse holes who have no lives; just want to ruin other people's lives guess what you just ruined mine but I'm not going to let it happen anymore. So look what you just made me do I'm going to fight back and win the love of my life back.

Look what you made me do. Now I'm fighting back as I don't like your kingdom keys anymore; they once belonged to me but now I threw my key of all keys away, only one person has my special key and no one else can have it. The world moves on, another day, another drama; but for me I hope karma comes back round and bite your arse one day.

I don't trust anybody unless they are really close to me; guess what I know what I'll be is an actress starring in your bad dreams, because you know why. This is what you ruined, you won't be getting me back either way because I'm going to take control of my life. I'm with someone else and I know that they are right for me.

So here's my message for all you haters, hackers, press and exes:

“I’m sorry. The old me can't come to the phone right now.”


“Oh. Didn't you know? The old me is dead. You killed her.”

Going Unnoticed

Created by Lizzy Arrow

Completing 13 Reasons Why on Netflix hit home a lot, especially with me personally. A girl called Hannah Baker struggled to open up but fear of being judged and people making her out to be a liar made it too hard. Cyber bullying isn't okay no matter if it's at school or continuing still out of school just behind the computer screen.

There are so many ways that people can get bullied and it just goes unnoticed at home; it can happen clubs, school, and especially social media. Just one tiny little detail can blow things out of proportion; remember the above Diary Entry for Haters, Social Media, Press and Exes - Look What You Made Me Do? No matter how much I tried to get away from the horrible things people say or spread rumours that aren't even true, things set you off and you feel like you can't move on.

To be honest I've been off Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for a good while now as I don't have the apps on my phone or tablets but the best thing is it's taken a whole lot of pressure off me. Not having to worry or be insecure about myself. One thing I do have to say is that everyone has a story but they just take it out on one person and one person alone.

Sometimes it gets to be too much and the victims want to ask for help but they have the fear of being judged; yet that one person they do reach out to may not even take them seriously enough, or even try and stop them. Warning signs to everyone get missed. It's like saying where did it go wrong?

I've noticed personally if I try and talk I get shut down quite easily. Then it's a lot harder to talk about things the next time. I explained this to one of my closest friends the other day and they can see entirely where I'm coming from. They quickly apologised for making me open up to them when they realised that they opened a can of worms. To be honest I don't blame them.

That's basically what 13 Reasons Why is about; one individual can't talk about what is going on in their life but then you have the one person who can control all of them, until someone does something. But then two people try to get their voices theard.

All I'm saying is if you're a parent or a teacher or a councillor or in that area I recommend you watch 13 Reasons Why to understand what many children are going through. See if you pick up anything that you may have missed.


Lizzy Arrow

I'm a full time blogger...I love writing writing is my passion. I write different types of things even have my own website called lizzysweeklyblogs.

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Lizzy Arrow
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