Gotta Catch'em All

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What if your emotional disorders were Pokemon?

Gotta Catch'em All

Xanex, I choose you!

This is the Pokemon world. It's filled with so many different types of Pokemon and now you have to decide who will be your partner along the journey. In the world of Pokemon, you set off on an adventure to become the Pokemon master...

For real though...

What if Pokemon were based on emotional disorders? What if your worst emotions were turned into the lovable creatures with supernatural powers? What if they were your opponent and possibly could become your companion? You set off on this adventure but the trusty symbiotic creature that is supposed to be your greatest ally isn't your greatest ally at all.

Follow me for a moment... Let's say that the companion represents an emotional disorder that we face on a daily basis. For instance, I deal with anxiety. It started off as a small form of anxiety but has increasingly become more of a burden in my life then I would like it too. When I realized that I was dealing with anxiety I didn't want to immediately go to the doctor and ask for medicine to fix the problem. I always try to find the root of my stress that may have caused this small bout of anxiety, but it seemed that this unfamiliar feeling wasn't going away. I eventually went for a checkup with my doctor and I explained to them that I was experiencing some anxiety, but I didn't want to take any over the counter medicine for it. I don't like pills in general and I don't like taking pills of any kind, even if it's a vitamin, but I knew I needed to do something for this growing thing that I wasn't used too. My doctor prescribed me a low dose of a low-grade drug and though I was hesitant about it, it did help for a while. It was only a try to see what it would do for me.

Back to the analogy:

So let's say that anxiety is your companion like Pikachu. Like Ash, you got to go to the Pokecenter and choose who you want, but like Ash, you didn't get to choose... you were given what was left. In the case of anxiety, you don't ask for it; it's just given. Though Ash was accepting of his new furry electrifying friend, at first Pikachu was not too fond of Ash. We all know that sooner than later Ash and Pickachu become best of friends.

In the world of emotional stress and depression, the Pocket Monster seems as it will serve you well. What it boils down is that you have this little creature that sits on your shoulder smiling at you in the most sinister of ways making you feel that the adventure you seek will be of pure adventure, but in reality all this creature is going to do is bring you nothing but hell.

Anxiety is not a joke. It can begin as something bothersome to the point it begins to cripple you in ways that you never thought would happen. This Pokemon, anxiety, though small in stature, is powerful and is never to be taken lightly. It is a fierce competitor with it's psychic abilities that could take the likes of a legendary bird down. It's motive isn't to help you but to hinder you in every way possible. But as a up and coming trainer you have to be the one who takes control and set the pace for your journey. You are the one who has to climb hills, climb mountains, travel down long roads, through deep forestry, and often face danger. Anxiety is the last thing you want to deal with.

So what do you do? It's frowned upon to let a Pokemon go for selfish reasons and with this specific Pokemon letting it back into the wild could be detrimental to others who may come across it. You have to make a decision to either let it run wild or get it under control. Make it submit to your commands. Utilize it and turn it to be useful for good. One may ask, "How does that happen?" How do I get this powerful creature under control? Well first, you get to know it. Find out what it's source of power and why it operates in the fashion it does. Secondly, work with it to tame it. Show it whose the boss and that you won't answer to its bad behavior. Lastly, take the challenges it gives you and turn it to motivation. If you take the stress it gives you and turn it to motivation then it weakens its initial purpose. What you feed it will determine how it will work for you. If you stress, worry, and isolate yourself, it will evolve into something worse than what it is now and that isn't what you want. But if you train it with the right methods and turn what it gives to you into encouragement then your journey won't be as stressful or discouraging as it may seem. If you're on that journey already and it seems as if it's too late for you then just know it's not too late to turn things around.

Become the Master.

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