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God Save the Queen

What a little boy remembers

By Bruce Curle `Published 7 months ago 3 min read

Thursday, September 8th, 2022, around 10:30 a.m, I learned of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. I am not a hard-core royalist, I think the Commonwealth is valid, but I do not depend upon it. I am not overly political or someone with great wisdom or opinions, but I have something to share.

A lifetime ago, a nine-year-old boy in 1972 was in the United Kingdom with his mother on holiday to the land of her birth. It was a very different world then; you could stand next to a police officer at Number 10 Downing Street. You could touch Stonehenge with your hands, and the streets of London were always friendly to a young Canadian boy.

One morning bright and early, my mother took me to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Neither of us was aware of the adventure that awaited us.

My mother let me go forward toward the large gates. Crowds were already large when a burly police sergeant announced that children only could come to the main entrance. He promised three of his best officers and mothers would look after the children. There were boys and girls from around the globe that moved forward, and these three kind female officers worked their magic so all could see.

Suddenly these mighty gates opened, and the three officers ushered us forward inside of the gate. We all moved forward, expecting to get a fantastic magical view of the Queen's guard as they moved in formation. I just stared ahead in wonder. Some parents had given various cameras to their children in the hopes of great photos.

As the guard finished moving, they came to salute as a single lady on horseback moved toward the gate. She did not wear a crown or royal clothing, and she had a riding cap and a warm smile.

She spoke to all the hushed children and asked somewhere they were from. She talked about her love of horses and that she was a mother to her children. She spoke about being pleased that many people wanted to visit her and thanked us for coming.

A moment later, she rode away; the kind officers slowly herded the children back to their parents. I told my mother the lady had a friendly smile and thought she might be the Queen. My mother thanked an officer as we left the palace.

Yes, she was the longest-servicing Monarch in British History, yes, she was the head of the Commonwealth, but more so to me, she was the lady that smiled on horseback to a group of children. She went out of her way to be kind that morning; that is the lady, the Monarch I will forever remember.

God Bless you, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. You are forever part of the history of the United Kingdom. You hold a place in world history and will forever be loved and admired by many. May the heavens receive you, and may history to kind to you.

She appointed over 15 Prime Ministers, visited over a hundred nations, and saw a world change. She maintained her duties and responsibilities to the very end of her life.

But Queen Elizabeth II, you shall forever be the Monarch that rode out to children and smiled. You shall be the mother who spent a few moments talking to children who came to her house's gates. You helped give a young boy something and someone to believe in.

I finish this article with a smile for you. I will miss your leadership, your willpower and your grace. I will pray for your children and grandchildren in the difficult days ahead.

Please pray for the British people no matter what you think of the monarchy. They have lost a unique lady, a gracious queen and a piece of the past.

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Bruce Curle `

A Fifty something male that enjoys writing short stories, scripts and poetry. I have had many different types of work over my lifetime and consider myself fairly open minded and able to speak on many topics.

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  • Friotcoy5 months ago

    Looks great

  • Mark Gagnon6 months ago

    As luck would have it, My wife and I were staying in London when the Queen was brought to Westminster Abby. There were thousands of people lining both sides of most of the streets in the vicinity. It was all done with great respect for the Queen.

  • Jamil Jatt7 months ago

    Condolences to royal family. May her soul rest in peace

  • John Smith7 months ago

    Rest in peace

  • Daniel Millington7 months ago

    Great article. Although how you got vocal to approve it so fast when the announcement was only made at 6.30pm on Thursday the 8th is beyond me haha. I presume you no longer live in the UK as you heard at 10.30am. Where did you move too?

  • Pam Reeder7 months ago

    What a lovely memory! Congrats on getting Top Story! <3

  • Congratulations on your Top Story! This was a beautiful tribute to a kind and lovely soul!

  • Aisha Shamim 7 months ago

    sad news

  • Babs Iverson7 months ago

    Wonderful memory and a lovely tribute to the Queen!!!

  • Mariann Carroll7 months ago

    Nicely written 🌹🥰May she rest in peace

  • Cathy holmes7 months ago

    This is such a beautiful tribute. Well done.

  • Ebony Dominguez7 months ago

    Rest in Peace

  • Despite of the views to the Royal family, Britain has lost a part of itself today. To talk the streets of London knowing she is gone will be odd. Rest in Peace.

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