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Give yourself a round of applause

Give yourself a little applause, affirm yourself, believe in yourself, be yourself.

By danielhuangPublished 3 months ago 2 min read

In the long journey of life, there are always a series of negative emotions such as loneliness, loneliness, failure, depression, etc. At these times, we should give ourselves a little applause?

Give yourself a little applause, let me overcome the heart of cowardice;

Give yourself a little applause, fearless heart more firm;

Give yourself a little applause, warm my way alone.

When no one is around, I always like to ask myself: Who is the long-term audience in your life? Friends, family, or others you know or don't know for a while?

And the heart often seems to hear such a voice: only you are the audience in the drama of your life, only you can accompany you from the opening to the closing, in this life, how can you be less accompanied by applause. Time is fleeting, life is short, in a hurry for a few decades, why let oneself too lonely, at the appropriate time to give yourself a little applause, even if sometimes others do not understand how, I since flying in the world.

Give yourself a little applause, not only a kind of filling of the empty soul, but also in the road of life experienced much wind and rain and a calm for life, two self-confidence, three points of appreciation and four points of responsibility.

When you are tired, tired, can't go on, give yourself a little applause

When you are successful, proud, everything is good, give yourself a little applause

When you consciousness, think, good or bad has been flat, give yourself a little applause

This applause, accompanied by people's life, no matter how the start, no matter how the result, what we have to do is: try to give yourself as much applause as possible in the process of life, whether it is given by others or self-affirmation, it is good!

A little more applause, life will be more confident

A little more applause, the future will be more a beam of light

A little more applause, life will be more hope

Slowly began to grow up, gradually understand the meaning of life, at any time, in the face of any difficulties, will not lower the high head; Like the sunflower under the sun, even if depressed, also want to face the sun. No longer complain about the world, learn to tolerate, with a natural normal state of mind to treat everyone, everything, a solid life every day, in their own hearts to form their own to measure the world a rod said, human, friendship is good or bad all by their own judgment, for their own actions, dare to bear. For the reality, everyone has their own opinions, but for me, it is really good, all the way to meet are some good people, noble people, maybe as teacher Xu Hening said: when a person has a positive attitude, strive to move up, then he attracted things must be positive, upward, positive.

So no matter what the circumstances, don't forget to keep a positive heart and the expectation of good things, so that your life will be full of sunshine, life, will bloom wonderful. Give yourself a little applause, because the road ahead is long but not alone, although hard but full of sunshine.


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