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Through themselves, and life together wonderful!

Cherish what you have, live with your heart, calm without regret, go beyond yourself, and life together!

By danielhuangPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Always like a song, no reason, just like; Always deduce a song, no excuse, just deduce; Has been crazy about a song, no hope, just obsessed. Under the stars, dance yourself, walk with the wind; On the stage, sing yourself and fly with the heart; In the years, through their own, and life together wonderful!

People alive, in fact, is a journey.

The long road, bumpy, difficult to preset, difficult to master, but the scenery is still, the heart is still; The journey, though hard, hard to express, but never again, also can not go back to the beginning; Xu is walking more tired, xu is walking more relaxed, xu is walking more helpless, but always have to go, keep going, always go forward.

Not afraid of strangers, not afraid of no road, because the foot is the road, the road next to the road is also the road!

Love is not a mood, but a feeling. Often inexplicable loss, that is because there is a castle in the heart, there is a beautiful fairy tale; Often will be crazy in a daze, that is because there is a sky in the heart, there is a clear wan out of print beautiful silhouette; Often quietly shed tears, it is because tears are a call, is a kind of tearing shock.

Not forget, but can not forget; Not hurt, but has been in the habit, in life.

The truth is speechless, all in no words. Each other, is each other in the years of the most sincere encounter, the moment of throb, enjoy interpretation, has become a habit; Each other, is a cup of tea in each other's heart, the moment of melting, to flow, has been turned into tears; Each other, is the eternal theme of each other's dreams, the profound feelings, enjoy the surging, has been condensed into life.

Maybe there is no tomorrow, no future, there is only the heart of persistence, calm heart, heart together!

Dream, in fact, is a lonely journey. Although out of reach, bumpy, as long as there is a dream, the pace will be easy; Although many laugh, many question, as long as there is a heart, wind and rain is baptism; In spite of all the wounds and the pain, anything is possible when there is love. Have a dream years, is monotonous and colorful; A dream of life, is bitter and sweet; There is a dream of life, is natural, is wonderful, beautiful!

Look up, staring at the distant sky, but their own tears; Close your eyes, listen to not familiar songs, but their own heart; Hold out your hand, grasp not the deep feelings, but the moonlight on the white hair. Running in the rain, but wet after the back of the window; Frantic heartbeat, but can not stop the firm footsteps; The call of heaven and earth, but always stirring the other side of the heart!

In life, a lot of things in gain at the same time, in fact, also in the loss. When I was a child, I longed to grow up, but when I grew up, I found that I had lost my childhood. Grow up, desire sweet, but into the siege after often miss once freedom; The journey of life, the scenery is infinite, but the heart can not return to the beginning.

Remember: face, not necessarily the most sad; Lonely, not necessarily unhappy; Get, not necessarily for a long time. Cherish what you have, live with your heart, calm without regret, go beyond yourself, and life together!


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