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Believe in yourself is the best

Building a good self is a goal that everyone can achieve.

By Bear feelingPublished about a year ago 4 min read

The reason why people with confidence will be successful, because they have a huge potential to develop; The reason why negative failure mentality can make people timid and incompetent, to failure, because it makes people give up the development of potential, so that potential sleep there, wasted.

We all know that the human brain has 14 billion brain cells, but our mind uses only a few of them. If we can activate more brain cells from sleep, our mind will be more powerful. If we can be full of confidence, we can create miracles, also can create a best self.

A man is what he believes he is. What a man thinks in his heart is what he will become. This is psychologically necessary. Each of us has a mental blueprint, or a self-portrait, that some people call the operational outcome. If you imagine being the best you you can be, then you'll see an ambitious, progressive, creative self on your inner screen. At the same time, you will always receive the message that I am doing well and I will do better, so that you are destined to be the best you can be. American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson said: a person's life as he thinks in a day, how you think, how to look forward to, what kind of life. Andrew Carnegie, the famous steel magnate in the United States, is an example of making full use of the opportunity to create for himself. He moved to the United States from England when he was 12 years old. First he worked in a textile factory. His goal was to be the best worker in the factory. Because he often thought so, and in doing so, he eventually achieved his goal. Then it was his destiny to be a postman, and he wanted to be the best postman in America. As a result, he achieved this goal. He spent his life trying to make the best of himself according to his circumstances and position. His motto was to believe that he was the best.

To be the best you can be, you don't have to be a home, you don't have to be a name, and you don't have to compare height and size with others. Just like human fingers, there are big and small, long and short, they all have their own strengths and weaknesses, can you say the thumb is better than the index finger? What determines the best version of you is not the amount of material possessions you have, nor the level of your status, but the degree to which you have a strong desire to realize your dreams, and whether you can fully develop your potential. People are familiar with some heroes and models, is in the ordinary work post to give full play to people's innovation ability, do a good job of every little thing around me, create a good self.

Building a good self is a goal that everyone can achieve. Your conviction that you are a member of nature and that you have unlimited abilities and possibilities can help you create a harmonious mental and physical rhythm, the self-image of your dreams, and the charm of your personal behavior.

The power of confidence is amazing. It can change a bad situation and create an incredibly happy ending. People with confidence will never be defeated, they are the winners of life.

Self-confidence plays an extremely important role in promoting one's success. Many proactive people become passive due to the destruction of their self-confidence. They gradually lose confidence in themselves. Maybe people start to suggest to others that they are incompetent, maybe it starts with the idea that they can't achieve, or maybe it starts with the idea that they can't do their job. Soon, because of this subtle psychological effect, their creative spirit is greatly discouraged, they no longer as full of enthusiasm, enthusiasm to do anything. They gradually lose the ability to act decisively and boldly, and they soon become afraid to deal with some important matters and dare not make decisions. Their minds will soon be shaken. So they don't become leaders like before, they become followers.

Believe that self can become successful, often self can become successful, this is the consciousness of harmony consciousness in action. There are two main parts of the human mind, the conscious and the subconscious. While the conscious mind makes the decision, the subconscious mind makes all the preparations. In other words, the conscious mind decides what to do, and the subconscious mind sorts out how to do it. Consciousness is like an iceberg at the tip of the horizon, while the unconscious is buried deep below the horizon. Some people use scientific terminology to compare: the abnormal neural subsystem of the human body is the brain, which is equivalent to the hardware of the computer, the consciousness is the operator of this incredibly sophisticated computer, and the subconscious is equal to the software of the computer. Through these vivid metaphors, you can understand the relationship and mystery of the conscious and subconscious mind.

If a person is determined to do something, then he will be driven by the conscious and subconscious power, across the road of obstacles, success is guaranteed.

A person thinking of success, it is possible to succeed; Think of failure and you will fail. A man expects much and gets much; Expect little and get little. Success is produced in those who have a sense of success, failure is from those who unconsciously let themselves have a sense of failure.

Confidence is the premise of success, you have confidence, you have half the chance of success. To believe that you are the best you have to do what you have to do.


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