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Fearless young youth, the wind natural and unrestrained forward

The car of history often ran over, leaving the imprint of the ancestors; The flood of The Times forward, leading our future! Fight, fight, fight! We will use unremitting persistence, with high morale, writing the youth of blood!

By danielhuangPublished 16 days ago 3 min read

If youth is drunk sea breeze, then confidence is the road sign of the wind; If youth is towering into the clouds, then struggle is the power of the mountains; If youth is the music of singing and forging ahead, then strong is the strongest sound of the melody played!

Looking back at the past, picturesque scenery. Touching the oracle bone inscriptions on the bell tripod, the bronze texture engraved the glorious past, recording the rise and fall of the nation; The first beam of sunshine to break the curtain, the arrival of the new century, this is our era, is our world, is our talent stage.

Taking off with curiosity, we fly all over the mountains and rivers, the traces of growth are engraved in our memory, and become the eternity of life. As the youth moves forward, maybe we will experience the pain of growth, maybe tears will blur our eyes that we don't want to cry, maybe we will face difficult choices again and again, but we will not retreat, not to give up, because we are the post-90s!

We are the post-90s generation! We are a confident generation! The road ahead will be difficult, it will be full of thorns, it will challenge our confidence. If we don't work hard, who will? If we're not confident, who is? If we don't succeed, who will! On the Olympic field, young soldier Long Qingquan won the champion; Go plate, the girl Hou Yifan big kill quartet; Mou Xiaoshen won the gold medal of the International Mathematical Olympiad. Ding Shiyuan, writing after 90 entrepreneurial brilliance.

These people are our peers, they are confident, they work hard, they are on the way to success! Born my material will be useful, the daughter of the thousand away again! Let the youth song with wings, embrace the flying dream, let the burning enthusiasm into inexhaustible power, help us climb to the top, with confidence to sail, set sail whistle is about to sound!

We are the post-90s generation, we are the generation of brave struggle, don't you see, Zhong Nihe wrote the Spring and Autumn Annals, King Wen Shu performed the Zhouyi; Don't you see, Wang Xizhi, Linchi learning book, pool water is black; Don't you see, Kuang Heng chisel wall borrow light, pouch firefly ying snow; Edison invented the electric light, failure thousands of times never discouraged; Darwin continued to study evolution for decades. Students, the ancient event, is a great perseverance of people, self-improvement, hard work, is the only way to our success, is the excellent heritage of the Chinese national spirit! No unearned fruits, no pie dropped from the sky! Practice is diligent, shortage in one; Constituted in thought, destroyed in follow, only constant struggle, only constant and the wind and rain on the road of life, we can move forward! With hard work as OARS, the ship of youth will continue to travel!

We are the post-90s generation! We are a strong generation! Forget, forget the small monitor Lin Hao back to save the figure; Forget, forget cola boy Xue Xiao optimistic words; Forget, forget the East Qi middle school students buried deep underground, but the scene of singing; I will never forget, and I will never forget the strong spirit of the post-90s in coping with natural disasters and suffering! Dear students, society teaches us to be strong, the nation expects us to be strong, the future needs us to be strong! Wipe away the tears, let it become the most beautiful stars on the sky, witness our strong growth; Strengthen our faith, let it become the strongest pillar, support us to move forward! To make a strong ship, we will keep the emperor long wind, fearless forward!


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