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Being an Empath

by Cindy Wharton about a year ago in advice
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What to expect when you are an empath

Being an Empath
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So decided to try writing a blog and this is going to be my first one so I hope this will help someone. I wanted my story to be about something others could relate to and get something out of it as well. So I am writing about being an empath.

Being an empath has made things difficult in my life. It has made it hard to go into crowded places, my anxiety gets out of control, makes it hard to work with the public and it makes you an easy target for people to feed off your empathic energy. When I go into crowded places I get bombarded by other people's emotions. It makes it hard to go into a room and not feel like you are invading their space. Being able to read emotions is good in the way that you can know which people you want to approach and which ones you don't. The downside is knowing things about people that you don't want to know.

You can learn to channel your empathic energy and try to start reading auras instead. That gets you away from the emotional part of the person and lets you see the type of person they are. There are a lot of ways to deal with empathic energy. I like to use my crystals. I use crystals to energize me and to help to keep negativity away. I cleanse them and then charge them and carry them somewhere on my person. I even have crystal jewelery that I wear.

You can also protect yourself by doing a protection spell or casting a circle. You can find several different protection spells online to help you get started. You should write the spell down so that you can use it whenever you feel the need. Casting a protection circle is good but only if you stay at the place you cast the circle and inside the circle. That is why I suggest using crystals or casting a spell versus doing a circle.

The last thing I want to discuss in this blog is the existence of psychic vampires. Psychic vampires are people who feed off of your energy and leave you feeling weak and drained. These people are usually people who have negative thoughts and don't make the best decisions. These people you should avoid or cut out of your life because they could be why you can't change your current situation. They will feed off of your positive energy and fuel their negative thought which in turn could bring you down with them. I suggest avoiding these people at all costs.

The best way to deal with being an empath is also meditation, meditation, meditation. Meditation will help you focus your thoughts and positive energy. It helps your spiritual self get in tune with your physical self. Which is something that I think would be good for everyone. You can also do Chakra healing to help with getting yourself in balance again. That is what it is all about for an empath keeping things in balance,


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