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Be a man of ambition

In fact, there is no distance between dream and reality, but one in my heart, one in front of me!

By danielhuangPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

On the stage of life, everyone has their own role, why ask this to play that? It's not going to work. Maybe I played the wrong part, but who knows what I should or shouldn't play? Until you realize you're in the wrong play; Your stage will be scattered lights out!

If you design your life as a gambling game, but get temporary pleasure, the more emotion and energy you invest in the game, the more likely you are to lose everything, the more hurt you are likely to get, you shouldn't complain, the rules of the game are such. The only thing you can do is take the bet.

Tears and sweat are chemically similar, but the former can only get you sympathy, while the latter can get you success!

Through too much road, too much rain, understand the winter snow, flowers bloom and fall of the truth, just the stability of the mind.

Once owned, don't forget; Have got, more to cherish; Don't give up the things that belong to you; Have lost, leave as memories; Want to get, must work hard; The most important thing in this life is your dream and pursuit!

Childhood like water in the past, time is not old, the old is a person. Walking in the time of the people, in the troubled world, busy doing some optional things. Lost in the crowd, never to be the same again.

Life is a one-way ticket, lost will never have again. Don't waste a good life waiting, seize the moment, enjoy now, is the most important.

Your diploma represents your level of education and its value will be reflected in your base salary, but it will only be valid for three months.

The street lamp is a little light in the dark, and we are a lonely place in the crowd.

If the ending is happy, I am willing to endure the short pain; If the ending is painful, I am willing to give up the short happiness!

People alive is a kind of mood, poor or rich, good or lost, everything is passing. As long as you are happy and happy, everything is fine.

Sometimes you will feel that your heart is tired free flying flowers light like a dream, meaning has been haggard, such as willow rustle, heart go with the wind.

The past five hundred times of looking back in exchange for this life pass by! One thousand times in the past life to return to this life look at each other a smile! Therefore, friends should cherish!

Some people say: spring flowers autumn moon, summer cool wind winter listen to snow. If there is no trouble in the heart, it is a good season of life!

More attention to details is a great happiness for her.

In fact, it is not a good thing for people to live a dull life! There is a waiting in life! Have an expectation! Then you will be happy! Blankly life for a long time, has been looking for a kind of happiness, very tired! Suddenly, looking back, found happiness is very simple! Is less desire, more insipid! Do the most true self, put all the happiness and sadness on the face! You will be happy! I always knew: The rich have the troubles of the rich! Poor people have poor people's happiness! Remember: although sometimes we forget what to do when we wait for a shooting star, it's good to wait! Then you won't feel so lonely and alone!!

Or that sentence: walk together, is fate; Go together, is happiness!

You can't change the environment, change your mood! Happy is to live every day, not happy is to live every day,

Remember these words: This too shall pass!

When you fail, all this will pass, try! Hope is ahead!

When you succeed, all this will be in the past, this success is just a small station in life, to move on, the road ahead of the scenery of life is more beautiful. This is for real.

Ambition is a kind of visible and invisible things. Sometimes you will lose your way, rough mountain, sometimes you will suddenly light up, seems to suddenly understand what is ambition. That's right. That means you have a new ambition. Ambition is not lip service, but practical action. Ambition is the young and old do not bully, young and middle-aged people is the period of ambition, as long as they have ambition, their future is limitless.

And in the elderly, there are so few spirit of depression, indulge in the memory of the past all day, unable to extricate themselves. But we have to believe that the vast majority of old people, they still have ambition. I fall into this category myself. I run a magazine-style motivational blog where I express my aspirations every day. Believe me, don't think I am old, but my mind will never be old. One of these days you may see the light. Believe it or not, it's up to me whether I do it or not. I still say that.


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