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Who can all the best in life, the key is to dare to do spiritual strong.

Life has no return, know how to cherish their own people, only have the power to cherish the scenery of your life passing by.

By danielhuangPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Take the initiative, think a little more, you will have thinking and independent; Know a little more, ask a little more, learn a little more, you have a range of knowledge and experience; A little hard work, do a little more, you have the power and ability to do; Strong, cheerful, open-minded, calm, you have a good character; Don't blame others, don't blame yourself, the opportunity in their own hands.

No one can be your crutches, you must learn to go independently; When you make a mistake, take responsibility for it. Cringe is a form of protection, but when others think you down, you completely out of the chance of success. Again difficult, gnash one's teeth, always past; Make a mistake again, not lonely, everything can start again.

In life, be prepared to hurt, because, hurt is a part of life. But if you keep getting hurt, you must care too much about yourself. Sometimes, too put yourself as a dish, originally is a difficult to cure in life.

Roses, though brightly scented in bloom, fade easily, and so do women; The good time is so short, although all have beautiful appearance, but at any time the passage of light, the wind blows away, petals will be exhausted all the beauty. While there is no old age, petals have not faded, we have to learn to cherish themselves, do what they want to do, to learn to face now.

Wherever you are, you are not stuck in place, because you are a person, not a tree! Doing what you love doesn't mean life is easy, but it can definitely be more exciting. When you say, "I'm going to do this, I don't care how hard it is," God will start to support you. Every time you focus on something positive, your life will be more hopeful!

A person for a long time, the more picky will be about love; A person for a long time, will become more mature than love; A person for a long time, friends will be more important; A person for a long time, will be more and more like listening to music; A person for a long time, most of the festival has no expectations. A person for a long time, because of fear of injury, too lazy to love, too lazy to understand people. A person for a long time, will be more in love with travel.

Can be proud, can make public, excessive modesty is equal to pride.

Life is actually very simple, don't always push yourself. A lot of things actually don't need to care so much, why let yourself so tired? Ask yourself what benefits you are getting. If it's because someone else is making you so tired, think about whether that person is worth it. If it's not worth it to push yourself. People are to live for themselves, their own happiness, life is.

Learn to express your thoughts correctly and practice from "I want", the more direct the better.

Life, always let a person speechless. Smile, not necessarily happy, perhaps is a kind of helpless; When you cry, you may not shed tears, maybe it is a kind of release; Pain, not necessarily injured, perhaps is a heartbeat. After a road, always want to see a scenery, because it is engraved on my heart; Think of a person, always tears, because has been integrated into life; Sing a song, always silent, because it has been difficult to let go. Wind and rain life, indifferent heart!

Don't think you are very smart or stupid, it doesn't matter, as long as you think about this problem will be very painful, there is no smart and fool in the world.

Money is a good thing, but don't live for it. There's no point in living like that.

Who can all the best in life, the key is to dare to do spiritual strong. In the storm, even if blown down, people have to dare to crawl forward in the mud. In hardships, even if overwhelmed, people should dare to stand strong under the pressure. Lonely lonely, even if the sorrow fell, people also dare to sing in the depression. On the long road, even if knocked down, people should dare to show the final splendour of life in a pool of blood.

Some people, want to retain, but has gone far; Some misunderstanding, want to explain, but it has moved on... Count life things, always "late" more time, if life can be again, I think it is difficult to avoid "late" regret, because life is too short, the world is more complex ah! Since "late" is the norm, why waste time to sigh, or strive for the next "late" will not be too late!

People tired, rest; Heart tired, calm down; String tension, to ensure the best condition; Find a suitable way to comb the mood. Reading beautiful articles that warm your heart, quietly listening to the sounds of nature, chatting with friends, Shouting loudly in an undisturbed space... Take the blues out and let the good things fill your heart.


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