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Apps To Help You Cope With Addiction

Addiction can destroy your life. That's why good Samaritans helped create apps to help you cope with addiction.

By Ossiana TepfenhartPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

Addiction is one of the most brutal diseases out there, and you often don't realize how deep you're in until you hit rock bottom. Realizing you have a problem is usually the time you realize you need help — and reach out for help.

The problem is that just asking for help isn't enough, and you'll realize that the moment that you get a craving. Addiction is a battle that you often have to face alone, and struggles will make it harder.

Thankfully, technology makes it a walk that you don't have to walk the road to recovery alone. The following apps to help you cope with addiction of all kinds have been shown to help people overcome one of the worst diseases out there.

Addicted to texting your boo? Can't stop staring at the phone screen, even during your wedding? It may be time to get Unplugged, one of the most serious apps to help you cope with addiction to cellphone usage. This app helps limit the time you spend on the phone by using a timer to lock things away.

The longer you use the timer, and the longer the time you stay away, the easier it is to break the habit of cellphone addiction. It's like a 12-Step program for your phone addiction, without all the other steps.

One of the easiest ways to cope with addiction is to find others who will support you as you get clean — and that's exactly what Sober Grid is for. This is one of the most social apps to help you cope with addiction, and it's literally a social media platform for people who need sobriety in their lives.

No drinking and no drug usage is allowed on this app. You give support, get support, and have a cool counter that celebrates how long you've managed to stay sober. If you feel alone due to addiction, Sober Grid can do volumes for you.

Quit Porn/Drug/Food Addiction is all about bringing addicts together to help support one another in getting clean — and in many ways, is very similar to Sober Grid.

This highly motivational app is all about connecting people for support, diagnosing addiction, and celebrating the steps to staying clean, regardless of what addiction you have. Many users like to share inspirational quotes, so if you enjoy positivity, this is your app.

Addicaid, much like others, is about helping you find a support network as you recover from addiction. However, unlike other apps to help you cope with addiction, Addicaid has a nifty tool that lets you see where local addiction meetings are held.

Along with a meeting app, this tool has social media-style connections, inspirational quotes, daily check-ins, and a recovery journal that makes it one of the most powerful recovery apps on the market.

As the app's name suggests, Porn Addiction Calendar is a sobriety calendar for porn addicts — and it comes with a couple of neat features that help you avoid your vice. Features include cool badges, a "PANIC!" button, inspirational quotes, and reminders on why you want to quit.

It's simple and easy to use, and that alone makes it a great app for recovery.

One of the best apps to help you cope with addiction is an app that contains a full library of Narcotics Anonymous tapes and motivational audio. NA Speaker Tapes & Addiction Recovery Audio is all about letting you hear the magic of AA and NA meetings around the world.

If you feel you're alone, or if you just don't know whether the 12-step program is for you, this free app can help you out. You're never alone, even if it feels that way — and this app will help you realize that.

If you're looking for a super effective sobriety counter that offers cool tokens, loads of motivation, and strategies that help you focus on quitting your vice, look no further than Nomo. This easy-to-use app is made by someone who has been there and succeeded in recovery.

Needless to say, features definitely are tailored to addiction recovery — and they also have ways to find accountability buddies via the app, too. So, it's part social media and part counter. And, it's all good.

Perhaps one of the coolest apps to help you cope with addiction is Pocket Rehab — an app that anonymously connects you with peers, gives you support, and offers you a totally private sobriety journal, too. If you're worried about people knowing your addiction, Pocket Rehab is your best choice.

This is an app that is excellent for improving your life, or just doing something good for a fellow human being struggling with addiction.

Can't stop hitting the bottle? Curious about Alcoholics Anonymous? The AA Big Book Free app is one of the best apps to help you cope with addiction to liquor — and it's Al-Anon-approved, too!

This app gives you the whole AA Big Book for free, right at your fingertips. It also has a number of prayers you can try, chat options, and information about the nearest AA meeting all at your disposal. If you want to join AA, this app is a must-try.

The only app to actually cost anything on this list is Field Guide to Life: Addiction Recovery Support. And, it's absolutely priceless. This app is excellent for people who want to get tons of motivation, addiction recovery tips, ways to improve skills to avoid relapse, and ways to reach out to friends who may be able to help you if you relapse.

It's beautifully designed, intuitive to use, and gives you a lot of information that most apps to help you cope with addiction don't discuss. Overall, it's a great investment in your new outlook on life.


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