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Anger issues-How to control your anger?

Anger, it is a emotion that most people suffer with. As a human being, We all are built with different types of emotion in us in our natural self.

By Feel goodPublished 4 months ago 5 min read
Anger issues-How to control your anger?
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How to control your anger

Anger, it is a emotion that most people suffer with. As a human being, We all are built with different types of emotion in us in our natural self. It is also a feeling that we express day to day like the feeling of love, gratitude and so on. But most of us forget to control our emotion in certain times.

People nowadays are being helpless with their emotion. There are so many who struggle to express and understand other people emotion. Either they don't understand or they misunderstand. Sometimes people don't even express their feeling just because they thing that their emotion can be misunderstand. Keeping our emotion within ourselves may lead to may problems both physically and mentally.

When we talk about the one emotion called ANGER, It is one of the different emotion to handle for a human kind. We are in the place where we have to show it at the same time we have to be control in showing it. There is a limit to show our anger. If it get excess if will ruin all our happiness and peace. But at the same time we cannot be silent everywhere. we have to handle this to make our life and our relationship work.

There are so many reason why you need to learn about how to control your anger. If you are a person who get anger easily or you are a person who others can make you anger easily. Then you need to seriously take care about your anger level because this may lead you towards a bad mental health. Mental health is something which badly getting affected by your anger level. If you are already suffer from bad mental health, then here is something which help you to overcome it.

If you want to know how to take care your mental health, here is just 7 tips to know how to make your mental health stable and better. Click here to read about mental health.

Other then this there is so much thing which anger cause to you. There is nothing like you cannot change your anger level. you can actually change if you want. It is always you who have to change yourself and the full responsibilities of anger level. Here you can find some helpful thing to know about how to control your anger.

Take two minutes before speak

If you know that your cannot control your anger while talking or you are in the process of controlling it than one thing you can start practicing today is that you need to focus on what you are talking because most of the time what is in your mind is will come as your words.

So it is very important to control your mind or prepare your mind before you talking something to someone. While in that time prepare your mind to talk softly and genuinely to others. Taking two minutes before talking don't seems big but doing it everyday and be consistently concentrating on your words and mindset will create a positive change for the lifetime.

Controlling mindset

What is the relationship between our mindset and anger issues? they both are felt like completely different things but it is not. Actual truth is that your mindset has large impact on what you are and how you feel. Behind every incident in our life, our mind plays a major role. If you can treat your mind well you can treat your life well.

So start changing your mindset into a good and soft one. To do so you just need to calm your mind. To calm your mind you can do so many things like meditation, reading books, walking in nature and so on.

Do meditation

Like we said before, Meditation will calm your mind and body. The effects of doing meditation can only seen if your are consistent about it. If you are doing it all in right way you can see a absolute change in not only your anger but in your life too. Your life will seems fresh and more beautiful without any stress or anger. By doing this you can gradually decrease your anger level. You can search any meditation video in YouTube to practice for yourself and start doing it asap.

Focus on what is important

Most of the time we are not giving proper importance to what actual matters. Most people will get anger easily for something which is not even important or not that big matter. Everyone in our life will come across this kind of person or may be we are that person but is this right? Why we need to stress or anger over the thing which is not that very important in our life. This is happening because we are focusing on what we exactly need in our life.

If we focus in our life and our mind, we can easily find out what are the thing we need have in our life and we don't need to think much about others in order to control our anger. For example, If you focus on your family, the way your relationship with your family improves. You will never be rude or anger with your family easily after that because you know that the family is more important and your words may hurt them. So you start to control your anger very easily.


Most of the problems which cause stress and anger issues is something which is ignorable in the starting itself if you did it. If the problem which cannot be solved or you know that this problem will always come back then it is something that you need to ignore. Your are actually stressing out thing and creating unwanted anger issues. The only solution to this problem is that you need to ignore the problems and accept the situation.

I hope that this will somehow help you to control you anger level and lead a peaceful life in future.

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