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7 Tips for mental health

Mental health is something very important in life. To keep your mental health well here are some tips you can follow.

By Feel goodPublished about a year ago 5 min read

Mental health is something very important in life. Lot of people struggle in their life just because their don't have proper mental health. It might not seen as a big thing in general but it has lot of impact in our daily life. It is very necessary to understand the power of our mental health to know our full strength.

Our mental health is as equally important as our physical health. In the stressful world people are struggling to be even happy and peace. Some of the important aspect of our life can be obtained by making our mental health correctly.

If one wants to really change their life, They must start it from changing their mental health. There are lot of effects has to taken to change their mental health. There are lot of ways to follow to change improve our mental health.

To keep your mental health well here are some tips you can follow.


If there is something that is very important for the good life then it will be the habit of 'gratitude'. There is a beautiful quote about gratitude, that is

"Gratitude can make you fall in love with your life you already have"

It is so true.

If Mental health is your choice then follow gratitude. It is a small habit but it has a ability to change your whole life. Gratitude will bring you peace in life. It make peace with your past, present and future. It make you to realize the value of everything you have in your life.

The more you thankful for what have you in your life, Your more you value and love the things around. You know what you start looking at things in different manner. Try it for yourself. By following gratitude regularly you can see the change in life. It will have a huge impact on you for life long.


Life is nothing without peoples like our friends and family. They love us and we love them. That's how our life gets beautiful. People are the real blessing. When you want to know what true love is then just look at your mom. When you think about how a person can work selflessly the think about your father.

If you want to know about yourself then talk with your friends. But often we don't spend much time with them. we have several reasons for it. But have you ever think that what you will do without these people?

You will be completely messed up. The people in our life is like salt. Their presence don't matter big but their absence make everything tasteless. They are the best source for mental health. If you can make peace with the people around you, they will help you to make peace with yourself. If we talk to them openly about your life and problem they may give you some advice or solution. Their words may help or change you and your life in some ways.

Hereafter, spend a decent amount time with your friends and family.


Do you know where you are living? Not in your room or house. You live in your MIND. Make sure you make your mind the best place to be. Our mindset decide our life. Having a positive mindset is essential for good mental health. You should take care of your mindset for a good mental health. Remember this quote

"Mind is a beautiful servant and a deadly master"

Make your mind your best friend. Train it in the way you want. If you do so you can able to bring peace in your life. Being a person who focus on their life needs being a person trains their mind in a right way to do tasks. It is very powerful weapon in every way of our life. so use it wise and properly,


The best therapy for anything is traveling. If you get a chance to travel to a new place or your favorite place. Go for a walk. Go outside and take some fresh air. Look at nature and the tiny details of it. It is a escape from the our daily routine. Take free time and you can learn more about yourself. It gives us a new version of our self whenever we travel. When we go out and see different people, place, culture we can learn new and different things from them. It will always help us.


Writing down what we feel will help to understand more about you and your thoughts. Whenever you feel like confused or stress about many things at a time try to note it down. Exactly right what you feel and how you feel. Somethings in our mind we run so much things and that cause lot of stress to us. When you write it down you not only writing but also clearing it from your mind. You have to try it out.


Mental health requires physicals health. Do you know that your food habit is deeply connected with your thoughts so if you can control your food habits you can actually control your thoughts. Always give more important to your health. Without that you can not lead a positive life.


Last but not least SELF LOVE. If you start to love your self half of the problem will gone. Loving yourself genuinely will make you the happiest and peaceful. It is solution for most of the problems. I believe that if one can love them selves that set that person free from longing for someone.

Be your best company in the hardest time. Be your own teacher. You only know what and how you feel. Luckily or unluckily other cannot understand you. They not need too if you have enough self love and self care.

They are the 7 tips which is easy to follow but most effective for mental health.

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