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Struck by The Night

Toxic Remedy

By UidazPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

"Hey, Hennessey."

"How are you doing, Korbel?"

"I'm good. You going out tonight?"

"Yeah. Me and my girl, Passion, going over to Club X-Rated for a few." "Why you ask; you going out?"

"I'm supposed to be picking up Don Julio later. Maybe we can all meet up." Korbel said. "That's cool. Remy's suppose to be bartending tonight, and Alize is at the door." Hennessy replied "That's what's up. Cause I hate when Jack Daniel's working the door. He always wants to pat you in places he shouldn't." "Okay then, I will see you out tonight," Korbel said. "Sounds like a date," Hennessey replied.

She left, got on her cell and called all her girlfriends, she had to tell them that Korbel had just hit on her. He was a catch; fly and smooth, and brown-skinned like a liquid beverage. Hennessey called Brandy, and Tequila, she even calls Kahlua, who she hadn't spoken to in ages. She bragged so hard on her conversation with Korbel that her skin got Grey Goose bumps thinking about him. "Girl, you act like he one of the Christian Brothers," Brandy said, really not interested in going out drinking. "Hennessey, are you chasing Mr Belvedere again.?" Tequila asked, getting herself hung up on.

Hennessey was so frustrated, she thought her girls would be ecstatic about it. Passion couldn't go, she got called into work, and Kahlua was busy with her kids. Her baby daddy, Lambrusco, had just got out of jail for selling dope. One last person, she thought as she dialed her ride or die, Taaka,

Taaka answered her phone on the first ring and was all the way with it. It was the first of the month and her check was phat, plus she had just got her stimulus check. "Let's roll," Taaka said. "I got this French Vanilla dress from Fashion Nova I been waiting to sport anyway," she continued.

That night, Korbel and Don Julio was there in the house rocking to the music, Hennessey and Taaka were chilling too. The ladies drank so much, till Hennessey couldn't drink any more. She searched for her keys and told Taaka she was ready to go. Alize offered to call them a Uber. Her guy Ciroc was always on call.

Korbel and Don were so frustrated, that the girls got so drunk and bailed out before they could finish spitting game. Hennessey told Alize she had it and they left Club X-Rated tore up. Two blocks down from the club, Hennessey, not fully focused ran through the red light, lodging her Range Rover under a liquor distribution truck.

Passion, Alize, Jack Daniels, Tequila, Kahlua and Lambrusco all stood in front of her Creme De' Mint casket staring at her body now. They all cried, even Lambrusco, whose heart was as tough as Steel Reserve. "We told her drinking and driving was dangerous."

"She never thought this will be her, it's like she was going out to mask some type of emotion when I got that call on Wednesday night to go out with her if I knew this was the last night I could have probably prevented this" Passion said.

"We're here now and the only thing the cops were able to recover from the scene is this black book and her phone," Alize said as she pulled the notebook and phone from her purse. "There is so many drawings, words, and phrases that I've yet to understand, just with dealing with these emotions of such a tragedy so close to home, I don't know how to think.

"Is that the black notebook from the non-profit organization she was always talking about? I forget their name..." Tequila says as she takes the book from Alize to look at herself.

"Moleskin, she used to always send me one in jail and told me to write my thoughts down or even draw it out. Some very solid books compared to the usual pen and paper" Lambrusco said as he picked up his baby boy out of the stroller.

"Alize! You didn't realize this thick envelope with $20,000 in cash in here?" Tequila said with a concerned look on her face. "I told you I just skimmed through, thought that was just more paper of thoughts she jotted down outside the book and needed to be added in," Alize said as she tried to guess Hennessy phone password.

There was something that was going on that none of the girls was aware of and the only person who would have the information was the same ride or die that died with her that night. "The book has to tell what that money is for. One thing about Hennessy that I do know she used colors and their meaning to identify life, and she used to always tell me black symbolizes 'the unknown'. There was something we didn't know and this book is going to not only tell us but will give us guidance on this money" Alize said.

"How about we just spend the money, and forget all the extra stuff?" Lambrusco said as he reached to grab $10,000 of it from Tequila. "No! what if this is someone money and then they come after us or her family, we need to get down to the bottom of this, if in 3 months we can't figure it out I say we can split it six ways. Can we agree on that?" Tequila asked.

They all agreed on the plan, but the question is, where do they start? How many more black books did Hennessy have? Was this 1 of 1 or was there more?


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"A highly effective professional, who excels in her trade with the respect and admiration of others"- Stuart W. Doyle, ABC.

For me love is the night sky, because it's similar to the world. It's engulfed in darkness, but has a small light.

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