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Coolest Bar Tricks

Whether you are trying to impress someone that you'd like to bring home, or just trying to score some free drinks, these cool bar tricks will wow those around you.

By Corey GittlemanPublished 7 years ago 9 min read

Who doesn't love to be the life of the party? Well with these cool bar tricks, you will be impressing those drunk friends or strangers that you are spending your time drinking with at the bar. It might be a smart move to wait until people are nice and drunk first before you begin pulling out these tricks so that you can get the best reaction while also confusing those who you are tricking or betting. All of these tricks are done with simple materials in which you can find in a bar, or even do at home for those who bring their drinking habits home. Even if you are one of those people who don't like beer these tricks will be sure to impress the people at the bar.

Pour Beer Out of a Bottle Without Picking It Up

This is one of the coolest bar tricks. For this trick, you have to bet someone that you can pour your beer out of its bottle into a glass, without picking up the bottle. To complete this you need a full bottle of beer, a straw, and a glass. As you stick the straw into the beer bottle, you bend the top of the straw so it is pointing downwards out of the bottle. You then hold the glass beneath the straw and begin to blow hard into the top of the bottle. The pressure coming from the bottle as your mouth cuts off all air flow except for the straw, the beer will begin to come out of the straw and pour out of the bottle and into the glass. Make sure that you hold the glass under the straw before beginning to blow the beer out, or else you will make a fool out of yourself (besides the fact that you are doing tricks at a bar).

The Imploding Toothpick Star

Instead of having to practice for this trick, magic (or science) does the trick for you. You tell your bar-dience (bar audience) that you can turn a ten point star of toothpicks into a five point star. Take five toothpicks and bend them in half, but make sure that when you break them that they are still somewhat attached by small wooden strands. You then place the connected areas all facing each other, making a ten point star. There should be a small opening in the center of the star, and this is when the magic happens. Finally, you take a small drop of water, some use a straw to drop the water, and place it in the middle of the connecting toothpicks. The water will then disperse the toothpicks and turn them into a five point star that looks like a typical drawn star. This cool bar trick will impress those around you, without you having to do much work at all.

The Newspaper Bottle Opener

This trick is to ask someone to open a non-twist-off beer by using nothing but a newspaper. As they look at you with disbelief, you will have this handy trick to help you win this bar bet. If you have ever opened a beer with a lighter, then you already know half of the trick! The other half is figuring out how to fold the newspaper correctly so you can get a hard enough point to put pressure on the bottle cap. You must fold the newspaper in half, and then roll it as tightly as you possibly can. Once having this tight stick shaped newspaper, fold that in half extremely tight. You will notice that on the fold there are two points on each side of the crease. This is your new pressure point in which you use to open the beer. Place one of the points underneath the edge of the cap, and secure your hand around the newspaper and top of the bottle near the cap. As you pull the newspaper down it will put the pressure from your hand against the cap and pop it right off. So if you are playing a drinking game and need a beer but are without a bottle opener, try out this cool trick. It is by far one of the coolest bar tricks.

Washington's Moving Coaster

This trick is simple but can easily be one of the coolest bar tricks. It takes a time or two of practice to get right. All that you need is a dollar bill (any paper currency will do) and an empty beer bottle. You place the bill on a table with the beer bottle upside down on top of it. Here is when you ask someone to try to remove the bill without knocking over the bottle. They will attempt to do so by just pulling the bill out from underneath the bottle, but no matter how slow they pull, the bottle will fall over. When it is your turn to do so, you will simply go to one end of the bill and begin rolling it up very slowly. The curve roll of the bill will begin to push the bottle off of the bill. The trick is complete once you fully roll up the bill on the table and the bottle is still standing upside down on the table alone with the bill no longer being underneath it.

The Snifter Switch

Yet another bar trick that we can thank science for. The bet is that you can get an olive into a martini, without physically touching the olive yourself. Here you need a martini, one olive, and a wine glass or brandy snifter to complete this bar trick. To begin, you place the glass upside down over the olive and begin rotating it at a fast pace. Doing so, the olive will be rolling around the edges of the glass until the force bring the olive up the shape of the glass. As you continue doing this, you can slowly raise the glass in the air and quickly flip the glass right side up. This catches the olive in the glass, only leaving you to the pour it out into the martini. Although it is simple, it is still a pretty cool bar trick.

Dime Drop in a Bottle

Although there is not much to this trick, it is not as easy as it looks to get it right every time. The difficulty level makes it one of the coolest bar tricks. All that you need is a dime, a playing or business card, and an empty beer bottle. You must place the card on top of the empty bottle, with the dime centered on top of the card. The trick here is that you cannot simply push, pull or blow the card away. Instead, you need something that is much faster and much more abrupt. You must flick the card at its side, but it must be from the side and not the top or bottom. If you flick from the top or bottom, it will launch the dime out of the top of the bottle and give it no chance to fall into it, but if you flick from the side of the card then the dime will fall into the beer bottle from its top.

From Water to Whiskey

This trick can get a little messy, but when done correctly, is very impressive. You need to get two identical shot glasses and one playing card. One shot glass should be filled to the top with water, and the other with whiskey. You then place the playing card on top of the shot of water and flip the shot and card over (without spilling) onto the shot of whiskey. The shots must be lined up so that if you were to remove the card, the glasses would be exactly lined up on their brims. You will then slowly move the card to the side until there is a very small opening that will connect the water and whiskey. Due to the alcohol being lighter than the water, the whiskey will begin moving up into the shot glass filled with water. This is a slow process, but at the end, you will see two light brown shot glasses. To show whomever you are trying to impress that it definitely worked, you can then slide the card back so it is completely cutting off the two liquids from each other and flip the top shot back over.

Ice on a String

Ice on a string is a very simple bar trick that does not take any practice, but will still impress those who are watching. People at the bar will definitely think this is one of the coolest bar tricks. The bet is that you can pick up a piece of ice from a glass of water using only a string and without touching the water or the ice. You can have them try as many times as they want, but it takes a little bit more than just the string, but they don't know that. Take the string and try to get it to touch the ice as much as possible by laying it over the ice or wrapping it around it. Here is where the trick is, you then take salt and pour it onto the cube, the salt will cause the ice to melt and then refreeze over the string, placing the string within the ice itself. Then all that is left is to pull the string up and presto chango, the ice is now out of the water!

Keep the Quarters on the Beer and Pull the Dollar

Here, you have to bet someone that you can get a stack of quarters to stay balanced on top of a beer bottle while removing a dollar from between them. Most people will try to move the dollar very slowly away, while some will try to pull the dollar away as fast as they can. While those who try to snatch it as fast as possible have the right idea, they are just one step away from completing the trick correctly. The biggest and most important step to this trick is simply licking your finger. The moisture on your finger will make the dollar stick to your finger as you quickly swipe it down. This one is a bit more difficult than others, so make sure you try it out a few times before betting people in the bars and end up having to buy them drinks. It can get pricey to buy people drinks especially if they choose one of the most expensive drinks in the world.

Push a Coin Through a Glass

It seems unrealistic to push a coin through a solid glass cup right? Well, this trick shows you a way to make people believe that you have actually done this. The trick is done best with a rocks glass and a quarter. You can use other sized glasses, but the height of a rocks glass will play into your favor. First, place the coin in the center of your palm and hold the glass with your other hand from the side while still being slightly above the glass. In that hand, you need to have four fingers facing the audience and your thumb on the other side of the glass. This will come into play as your backboard sort of speak. You will take the hand with the quarter and hit it against the bottom of the glass a few times. Each time that you hit it, you should turn your hand downwards, still holding the coin in your hand. On the final time that you turn your hand down, transfer the coin from the center on your palm to your fingertips. Then quickly turn your hand over and hit the bottom of the rocks glass so the quarter will project upwards, bouncing off of your other hand and into the glass. That is why it is important to have your hand holding the rocks glass with your four fingers facing forward so that it blocks the view of the quarter between the time it leaves your hand and enters the top of the glass. This will take some practice but is one of the coolest bar tricks.

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