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What You Didn't Know About Marijuana and Anemia

by Angelina Roe 3 years ago in health

My Experience

Have you been smoking for a while, and now all of a sudden you just can't anymore? I went through this unpredictable stage in my life, and finally found my answer why.

The Start of My Journey

Growing up, I had my own case of anxiety. I went through counseling because I would have unexpected panic attacks and episodes due to low self-esteem, bullies, etc. The boy I was dating at the time showed me marijuana and I began self-medicating. For a long time, I was able to smoke and feel good about myself. It calmed my mind down and almost gave me a sense of confidence in myself that was buried and locked away for years. I spent my highschool years very humble and matured after this, and was grateful I could find something to turn to when I was feeling frazzled.

Things Changed

The sad point in time came when I reached about junior year and couldn't smoke anymore. One random day, I smoked and had an episode. By this, I mean I went psycho. I felt as though I had no thought process and had blind spots. My heart was also beating so fast and hard that I could feel it when I breathed. The scariest part was when I tried to fall asleep, I would stop breathing. I figured it was just a one time thing, maybe a bad batch of green. So, of course, I tried time and time again, and it only got worse. What happened?

What I Didn't Realize

There was a minor detail that hid in the shadows and waited patiently to come out for vengeance. This issue is such a small factor, but can really affect girls especially, and if I can educate at least one person that is in the same boat, then I have done my job. It may be TMI... but I'm not the gal to stress about that.

When I got my period at the age of 11, it was awful—and only got worse. I get unbearable cramps to the point where the pain causes me to pass out, enter a state of crazy to say the least, profusely sweat, and the list goes on. I also lose a dangerous amount of blood for approximately eight days. I came to a conclusion by visiting my doctor as to why these eight days were worse than any girl around me. I am anemic.

When my time of the month comes around, my body doesn't make enough blood to keep up with the amount that I am constantly losing.

What This Means for Marijuana

Me being anemic, I, and many others who may not even be, experience something called POT Syndrome experience. Yes, I said POT syndrome. This syndrome is poorly understood, but the basics do the explaining. This is caused when the blood returning to your heart is at a lower amount than usual. It can cause you to faint, have blurred vision, feel a fast heart beat, etc. It is common in women 15-50 and reaches its most evil during your menstrual cycle. Me being anemic, I get the crap end of the stick with it. It treats every single person differently and can differ per activity said person is doing. It can be felt with something as simple as standing up too fast or as severe as doing hard drugs. Over time, your body loses the strength in the cells that carry through your blood, and simply cannot handle the toxins going into your body.

The Result

Can I smoke now that I know this is the cause? Sadly, not yet. I have tried to space out my sessions among a few months, and yet I am still not able to smoke without having an episode. I have been meditating, walking, and reading to ease my anxiety where I would normally smoke a bowl. Although I miss that option, my body is finding new ways to deal with the daily stresses and I can actually come to a complete zen when needed.


Angelina Roe

Just an 18 year old college girl unleashing whatever is in this crazy mind. 🌵

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Angelina Roe
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