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The Dragon Beside Me (Women's Day Tribute)

Inspired by how I found my lady balls

By Nomfundo GumedePublished 2 months ago 3 min read

In honour of International Women's Day; this is my story of a woman who inspired me to be brave, more savage, and sprinkle in some selfish in my life. Truly, we need to always to strike and maintain a balance in so many areas as women. This is the authentic story of how I inspire myself day-by-day to qualify to be exalted by my own inner audience.

I have found that the most inspirational story in my life is the one I am still writing in real-time. What makes it eligible to enter into my very selective and rather critical list of inspirations is the very thing that makes it almost unbearable some days; The unpredictable yet constant manner in which things flow. To believe in favourable outcomes, without trying to interfere with the results is a superpower I consistently aim to polish up to be able to play the superhero in my own story. "If you want to save the world, go home and love your family" - Mother Teresa

...but first, you must love yourself. You must save yourself. That's my extension of the already eloquently curated ideology of simplifying how we save the world that is in dire need of more love, more beauty, more feminine, more...lady power.

This idea of "Lady Balls" comes from a book by Mina Irfan - The Universe Guru. In following her work for a few years now, I have learnt things about human evolution, psychology as well as masculine/feminine dynamics, both in the outer world and within each of us. This has been the foundation of loving and honouring myself as the biggest inspiration in my own life, honouring the saviour within ME. Women have a subtle superpower; you cannot get rid of it and you cannot influence it - it influences you! That is why I want to call all women to stand in their power - and not in the way you would think that we have been made to believe we have power. The way we were simply designed and manufactured to have power - hoping this story reaches a wide audience because this message will change the world!

Women are the influence. We require not that we put too much effort into convincing and controlling other people, we simply influence by being. When you step into the power of being; Present. Authentic. Feminine. Balanced. You become the influence. Who are you to believe what you may be told about having to compete with men in a masculine way? Yes, it may seem fun for a while, but it is not your most flourishing state of being. In my culture they say this about women; "abantu besifazane izimbali zezwe" which translates to "women are the flowers of the world/nation".

I would like to use this analogy to drive my narrative in conclusion of this short story. Flowers are not trying to anything but flowers, and yet they are still chosen, they are picked. It uses most of its life-force energy in just existing as a flower and using its creativity to cultivate itself to blossom and utilise its ability to emit beauty. It is not trying to be anything other than what it was designed to be, it simply flourishes in its simplicity and creativity. Yet we love it so much in its simplicity that we pick it and use it to transmute joy in other people's lives. We women are the same. We flourish when we live in our truest power.

I resonate so much with this as I have collected more and more years. I - like many women - have had issues with the womb. For me, particularly my ovaries which happen to be the organ from which the term "Lady Balls" is derived from. I have always aimed to find ways to heal myself holistically. I truly believe there are natural medicines that are not explored enough. Both physical and metaphysical. To put it into perspective - both herbs and energy.

Someone might read this and think it is a disempowering post. I have found, however, that I am amazing at using my masculine strength to get results and prosper, however, in a world that promotes an unnatural and resistant way of life - I have found my superpower in being wildly, unapologetically, selfishly and savagely feminine. I am saving the world by choosing myself each day. I have not just found the dragon beside me, but the dragon within me Perhaps in a story that permits longer writings, I will elaborate just how and why I say this. I am Nomfundo, 24 years young, and I am saving the world. How? By Just. Being. Me.

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Nomfundo Gumede

I enjoy writing; engaging through story-telling.

I have found my stress-reliever and ended up falling back in love with a part I had forgotten about myself - Expression.

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  • Osinkennia Maureen Njideka 2 months ago

    I enjoy reading your stories.

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