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by Cyn Kitt 5 months ago in humanity

Part I

time warped is just encapsulated memory.

The art, the craft, the beauty of psychedelics is what stirs this teapot that I have brewing. Care for a cup? Many people reach their higher being in many forms of meditation and have different ways of ‘looking within’. Some of these include tai chi, vipassana, mindfulness, and loads of other remedial hacks to staying human without the extra chip of elitism, or what I like to call passive person disorder. We all know that one person that just fudges up the Feng shai of shit for no other reason than they can’t control their impulsive, unnecessary contribution to society like a cough, unsolicited, or any other anxious tendencies.

Contrary to belief, psychedelic euphoria can omit these humanistic behaviors. The advancement of modern technology allows those of us who like to remain sober (or whom are eager to try the outlet yet doesn’t have a trusted source or access)to experience a “trip” through contorted imagery. Now, I personally do not agree with this methodology being that we all have our individualistic experience and outlooks on nearly everything. But the scientist at AR Gillimore- Frontiers in human neuroscience theorize its a pretty darn close assimilation.

Now back to why drugs are great!

I’ll regale you with the first time I tried marijuana. T’was senior year of high school; wintertime to be exact. Sometime in February when the parks are fully engulfed with beautiful white snow untouched, unscathed by the dirty hustle and bustle of NYC tramplers and splashers and ya - know dirt. So a few friends and I trudge through the basketball court towards the benches on the sideline excited because we’re the first footprints in the crunchy foot-deep of snow, and even more ecstatic that we’re about to do drugs for the first time. It’s about 30 degrees and, freezing cold so the snow is still firm on top, yet the sun is shining brightly, it is beautifull really. My first toke is like nothing. I inhale and exhale like I see them do in the movies, real cute, classy-like and there’s not a cloud. No puff puff nothing, the experienced one in the group, says “do it like this”, taking a humongous hit of the sour breathing in deep and dragon exhaling a puffing cloud. I attempt to do the same. Whooping, swirling, sizzling, my lungs are on fire and my throat rejects the smoke immediately. Pfft, puh, whack, the coughing ensues, then gradually builds into a fit of sputtering noises because of me trying to stop the coughing as to not look so much like a wuss. After the laughter in the group and my coughing subsided, the sky seemed brighter, bluer even, the sun was literally gleaming off of the snow and, seemed to be reflecting off of my friends' faces, everything was beautiful. I had the sudden urge to relieve the dry, cracked desert in my throat. The snow glistening seemed very appealing too, so I did what any cotton- mouthed kid would, I ate the snow. Scooping handfuls I start munching and crunching like a deranged pregnant person. Why didn’t anyone have anything to drink? I will never know we weren’t prepared. Somehow we conclusively come to the idea to head back to the pizzeria where the remainder of crew was. Laughing hysterically and stomping on litter all the way. And I can assume, you know what happened next. (be sure to stay tuned for Psycedelia PartII feat. Ecstacy)

Illusions make you feel goood. It is hard for many of us to fully submit to With the world in quarantine, what better time to stay home and try not to die. Ok, just kidding. Not really, the average heart rate will speed up releasing mad endorphins and happy signals to the body, enhancing euphoria. Just for context, the average heart rate does anywhere between 60v- 100 per minute. A 19-year-old boy on psychedelics is going to maintain a vital 100-119 resting rate. So, therefore, for all of you scarredy-cats, your psychedelics are not severe if they are rationed and taken within a reasonable amount. A surplus of anything is never good .

Cyn Kitt
Cyn Kitt
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