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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Measuring Kratom Dosage

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By Tammy SPublished 26 days ago 4 min read

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tropical plant whose therapeutic properties are well-documented. But while many users heap praises on the herb for its healing benefits, some are skeptical whether it truly lives up to the hype.

One reason kratom may not work for you is if you administer the wrong dosage. In this article, we shall highlight the top five common mistakes to avoid when measuring kratom serving portions.

1. Starting Too High

This is one dosage mistake that nearly all kratom users are guilty of.

There’s a common misconception among many kratom users that the higher the dosage, the more potent the herb’s effects. While that logic holds true to some extent, it doesn’t apply in all circumstances.

New kratom users should particularly avoid higher doses.

Consuming too much kratom than your body can already tolerate may result in unpleasant adverse effects. Symptoms range from nausea and vomiting to dry mouth, dizziness, erectile dysfunction (ED), etc.

Moderating your kratom dosage allows your body to slowly acclimatize to the new herb. It also lets you watch out for any adverse effects and manage them more effectively if they occur.

Perhaps the next pertinent question would be - what’s the ideal entry level kratom dosage?

The answer to that question depends on your reasons for administering kratom.

1 - 3 grams of kratom served once or twice per day would be ideal if taking the herb for stimulation. Comparatively, 2 - 4 grams served 2 - 3 times daily would be suitable for calming the nerves. And if you’re consuming kratom to soothe aching muscles, a dosage of 3 - 5 grams administered once or twice a day is an excellent starting point.

2. Ignoring Individual Tolerance

Kratom tolerance refers to the ability to consume specific dosages of the herb without experiencing severe adverse effects.

As you shall find, each user has their tolerance levels. Some people can tolerate up to 10 grams of kratom per day while others may only tolerate 2 grams.

Therefore, it’s important to define your position within the tolerance spectrum.

Again, that underscores the significance of starting with lower serving portions and then building momentum slowly.

If you’re new to kratom, you could begin with doses as low as 1 gram/day. Increase your serving portions gradually until you hit your ‘sweet spot.’

Your sweet spot is the dose at which kratom produces the desired effects in you. Intolerance typically sets in when you consume more than your ideal kratom dosage.

Besides experiencing immediate adverse effects, exceeding your standard kratom dosage may also cause addiction and dependency.

3. Using Kratom Incessantly

Kratom is both a therapeutic and recreational herb.

Many people administer the plant to remedy various ailments. Some consume it for its mild stimulant properties.

Whatever your reason for using kratom, it’s imperative to take regular breaks between dosages.

Administering kratom consistently without breaks can lead to addiction.

Addiction occurs when your body no longer responds to lower kratom dosages. Instead, you have to consume more of the herb than you previously did to achieve the same therapeutic or recreational effects. It’s the first step in the development of dependency.

Experts recommend taking a pause as soon as you obtain the relief you’re looking for. That’s regardless if you’re taking kratom for an acute or chronic problem, or if administering the herb medically or recreationally.

4. Ignoring Strains

Mitragyna speciosa exists in several strains, also called cultivars.

Each cultivar delivers distinct effects. Therefore, picking the right strain is paramount.

As a beginner, there are three major kratom strains to start you off. They include white-vein kratom, green-vein kratom, and red-vein kratom.

White-vein strains are famous for their stimulating properties. They’re particularly effective against fatigue and mental slump.

Red-vein strains are more relaxing. Consider such cultivars if you’re trying to soothe racing thoughts or aching muscles.

The implication is that white-vein kratom might prove ineffective when trying to address problems like mood swings. Similarly, red-vein strains may not help much if you’re looking to energize for the day ahead. That’s regardless of the dosages of each strain consumed.

If you’re in doubt, consider green-vein strains that provide the best of both worlds. Such cultivars offer broad-spectrum benefits, including uplifting your moods and calming your nerves.

5. Not Taking Timing Into Account

Timing is everything when dosing kratom. Consuming the herb at the wrong time is the surest way not to achieve the intended benefits.

Two factors are key when deciding on the ideal time to take kratom - desired effects and the strain.

For instance, you could integrate kratom into your breakfast to optimize your daytime productivity. Taking the herb in the morning elevates your physical energy and mental concentration, enhancing your workplace productivity.

In this case, white-vein kratom strains would serve you best due to their stimulating effects.

Conversely, you could consume kratom at bedtime to calm your thoughts. The herb’s soothing effects might also help boost sleep quality by shortening your sleep latency.

Red-vein kratom is the ideal strain to consume in the evening. The strain’s relaxing properties will come in handy in mellowing you down in time for the restful sleep ahead.

Final Word

Consuming the right amount of kratom is critical to unlocking the plant’s immense therapeutic properties.

Remember that like most herbs, kratom is most effective when sparingly dosed. So, start with lower serving portions and work your way up gradually until you reach your ideal dose.


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