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How To Properly Introduce Psychedelics Into American Society

They should be legal, however, perhaps a bit of cautious planning is useful.

By Gabriel MohrPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Top Story - March 2021
How To Properly Introduce Psychedelics Into American Society
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Quick Facts

-If we make the effort to carefully integrate psychedelics into our country, we’ll have a much healthier, grateful, and loving society.

-We can safely integrate psychedelics by having certified professionals, Psychedelic Safe Spaces (PSSes), and testing everyone for mental illness and/or familial history of mental illness!


Many, many studies have been released showing the numerous benefits of psychedelic substances; I’ll leave the link to my favorite one here.

To link every example of a test gone right or a positive experience from taking any one of the numerous psychedelic substances would fill page after page after page, so I’ll leave it at the one for now.

Regardless, it’s becoming very obvious to the ones who’ve done their homework that psychedelics should be legalized (at least for medical use) in every country around the world, and I’ll explain exactly how it can be done.

The Method

First, it’s important to legally recognize psychedelics as “medication able to be prescribed by certified professionals.”

This would allow a “certified professional” the legal ability to prescribe these substances to the general public.

To become a certified professional you would need to take a hands-on course that includes learning everything about psychedelic substances, scanning your family’s past for acute mental diseases, testing your overall mental state, and taking at least one dose of psilocybin mushrooms and one dose of LSD (there should be other options on-sight if someone wants to try more than just two).

Anyone can become a certified professional if they pass the course. However, the course would largely benefit psychotherapists, independent and corporate producers, and PSSIs (explained in more detail below).

Whether or not someone passes would be partially dependent on a written test of how much knowledge they’ve retained and partially dependent the instructor’s reports of the two (or more) trips. If someone passes the written test but the instructor reports them mentally unstable during the psychedelic trip(s) then they likely won’t receive the certification. Likewise, if the trips go well but they don’t pass the written test they must take the course again when they’re ready.

Once someone is a certified professional they are legally allowed to prescribe psychedelics if they deem the "prescribee" stable and able to safely trip.

Second, it’s important to add Psychedelic Safe Spaces to go along with the courses mentioned above.

A Psychedelic Safe Space (PSS) is a place where people can have a safe, controlled trip in the hands of certified trip sitters (Psychedelic Safe Space Inducers, or PSSIs). People can also go there to earn certification and buy psychedelics made/grown/extracted from their own private production plants across the country.

General workers (maintenance, front desk, helpers, etc) wouldn’t be required to obtain certification, however, management (from general management to owner) would require certification and renewal of certification (renewal could simply be a written test and a verified psychedelic trip).

Third, there must be a major emphasis on psychological integrity in this new addition to society. The instructors of the course and the owners of the PSS’ must renew their certification every six months (as opposed to everybody else who only need to renew each year), the owners (and managers) of the PSS’ must prioritize availability to the public as their utmost priority as opposed to their utmost priority being money and power (which can easily be taken care of by renewing their certification), and the psychedelics produced by the PSS’ must be 100% void of impurities of any kind.


This is a rather short post, but it outlines the process by which we can safely introduce psychedelics to the public. If certified professionals are the only ones allowed to prescribe these substances then we can almost completely ensure that psychedelics will only end up in the hands of competent people and minimize as much risk as possible. Plus, there is no telling how many jobs this will create; introducing a system like this will definitely provide economic value.

Once that’s been established then they can go to a PSS and have a safe trip in the hands of even more certified professionals. Obviously, things will need to be added, tweaked, or taken out of this idea in order to make it work, but now that the general method exists, it’s time to make it happen!

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