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How to enjoy the freshness of tobacco?

by Smoke Fun 7 months ago in product review

Smoke good and have fun!

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Smoking hookah in the right ambiance with your best friends and favorite music – wow! What more you need for a fantastic evening!

But in the time when lounges are shut off, you need to start learning the way to make the hookah set up just perfect so that you are able to feel the freshness of the flavors! Is it hard? No! All you need is to know the techniques of storing the hookah, cleaning and keeping them in one piece.

If you have been in the hookah community for a longer span of time, you must be knowing that keeping the tobacco properly is the key to hold its freshness.

Also, do not forget that the more you buy quality tobacco, the more you will be able to enjoy the flavor of tobacco. You can find the online selling platform who offers the best flavors and can be a great inclusion.

You can use your old tobacco, if you have any but make sure the tobacco quality is good before you pack it in the bowl. No doubt that the smokers won't even have it for more than a few hours, but in case you forgot to use one, you must check it before using.

In case your mind is just like me and never able to remember things, better go by my tactics of missing it with your new pack and use it.

So let us stick to the topic about the way to uphold the freshness. How is it done? Damn! It is so easy! Check these tricks.

Blow it! The hose deserves a good blow!

Hey don’t go by the term. Leaving the dirty thoughts aside, gently put your mouth on one end and blow some air before using it!

This is an easy trick that can help you to feel the freshness of the tobacco – every time you want to enjoy a smoky session.

Blowing out here means that you just have to blow air into your hose in a way that air moves to the hookah bottle. The air travels from here via the valve and thereby offers ventilation to the pipe.

So, shutting myself and keeping it short, blow in a way that you are able to replace the old one with the new smoke. However, don’t be aggressive fella otherwise you can find the water moving to the bowl and running everything.

Keep it light, give it a good blow! To get rid of the residues!

Use tobacco! Not much, not less just the appropriate amount!

Sometimes you would love to experiment and it's okay! Humans have their curiosity that tends to ruin everything. Because trust me when it is about tobacco, you must never be too much or you will be left in an abandoned city.

Use the phunnel bowl or the vortex bowl just to keep the chances away from getting the juice inside the vase or bottle. These bowls can be helpful to retain the hookah taste for a longer period. Bear the holes in mind and do not put tobacco over them. After packing, use a foil and then put it above the bowl by making holes just to make sure that you are giving enough passage for air flow.


Use the coco charcoal! It won’t interfere in your tobacco flavor:

Another very easy tip that is used by the experts is using the natural coco charcoal. Do you know that when you use natural coal for your hookah session, smoking hookah would hardly leave any headache?

There are two different types of hookah coals – one is the instant version and another version is the natural charcoal. Being truthful, natural charcoals are truly a great inclusion if you want to enjoy the freshness of the flavor and do not want to spoil the mood. But you must know that you will need to make more effort and give more time because lighting the natural charcoal can be time taking, On the other side, instant charcoal would light up immediately but due to the use of accelerant, it can interfere in the tobacco flavors.

So, try not to rush and keep it slow and start using the coco charcoal.

Don't block the hole! Buy and use vortex bowl:

Vortex bowl is again another great choice for people who are willing to enjoy the freshness of the tobacco. Compared to other bowls, the vortex bowls can be a beneficial inclusion because of the special cone slape inside which is able to keep the fluid inside and thereby retaining the freshness of the flavor.

These bowls also come with the holes inside it that are available in the bottom like you find in most of the bowls but it is inside the cone which makes your hookah a great part of the hangout. Try this and if you like it, you can choose to buy another one for you.

Many times, the newbies make mistakes while packing the bowl that tend to burn the tobacco and messing up the entire mood. So make sure you don’t take it way higher but just keep it to the rim and not interfere in the holes present on the hookah, this will not only damage you but also your surroundings.

Freeze the hose pipe! Freeze it to death to keep feeling the cool:

Indeed, it sounds crazy but the outcome is simply satisfactory. All you need is to try keeping the tip of the hose pipe inside the freezer or freeze the hosepipe. You will find the freezable hose which is similar to others except the fact that they are washable and perform similarly like other regular pipes. However, adding freezer extenders can offer the cool. Smooth and fresh hookah experience.

These have the ability to remain cold for half an hour and have the ability to make cooler smoke. These are universal therefore whatever hookah you are suing; you can use them.

Make sure you check them on the internet to find more about it in detail before you place your order. This isn’t a good choice if you are using the traditional hookahs but only for the modern hose pipes that are made with other materials.

Take good care of the hookah:

Because everything in this world deserves to be pampered!

Last but never the least, one of the most vital points that ensures a great smoking session is taking proper care of the hookah. Don’t judge me but I feel that hookah has feelings and you should know how to treat it. Make sure to clean the hookah after you have done smoking and even if possible then clean between the sessions. When we say always it means always and everything and components of a hookah.

If you are someone who has the habit of cleaning the hookah, you might never be able to get the fresh feeling of the tobacco except the first few times of using a new hose. This is not only bad in terms of flavor delivery but also it tends to become an unhealthy option for you.

The hose needs to be cleaned too. Make use of warm water and rinse the hose to get rid of the flavors of the previous session. Just remember that when you clean the hookah you are removing any and every trace of the previous smoking session.

Choose Right and Never Regret:

When we ask you to take care of the hookah while purchasing, we mean to be attentive while purchasing the flavor tobacco. No doubt that these come in packages and therefore before you place an order for one, you should try it. You can go to the lounges or ask your friends to understand if you really like the tobacco.

Even you should know that the same flavor has different tastes in different brands and therefore choose the brand effectively. Asking from your friend might not help in this case but the taste differs from one to another.

Start making the Hookah set up today:

Now that you have got some idea about the hookah, you can start making the hookahset. Do not forget that you Hookah tends to fall off after making consistent use and therefore pamper the Hookah to make sure the quality remains intact.

Also, the base that you are using – it can be water or milk or red bull or anything else that you wish, make sure you keep changing it after every session if you want to enjoy the freshness of Hookah. This is because it can retain the favor of the previous hookah and can interfere with the new one making it a complete mess.

Bottom line:

These are some of the most common tactics that are used by us in times when we find there isn’t any solution like now. Even when cleaning is mentioned, you must make a habit of cleaning the hookah after every session. Every component needs to be extremely clean. The only thing is you have to be sure about the online shopping that you are planning to use for buying the components.

Create your ambiance and enjoy the pleasure of smoking Hookah.

product review

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