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Choosing proper charcoal to enjoy Al Fakher

An Ultimate flavor for hookah enthusiasts

al fakher

Are you in the mood to enjoy some drastic and dramatic hookah session? Or are you obsessed with having something extraordinary? If you are an insane hookah smoker, you must try the al fakher. This premium brand has a lot to offer. Not only the tobacco flavor has something great to offer, but it is also carrying less nicotine.

The flavor of al fakher has unique ingredients that give the best from the rest. You are probably a fan of other renowned and branded tobacco flavors. Being a fan of other flavor manufacturers, you should experience some different things at least once in a lifetime. Al fakher the individuality that no one could dare to offer. It has been derived and blended beautifully so that the hookah smokers could enjoy every bit of the flavor!

As an expert hookah smoker, you might be in touch with many hookah flavors or al fakher flavors that might have made your day more enjoyable. In this context, we will discuss some different concepts on al fakher. The tobacco company has become one of the prime leaders in the tobacco industry. The excellent hookah tobacco is one of the most well-known shisha brands worldwide. The premium flavors of tobacco offer the most incredible exploration to hookah smokers. Al fakher has been in this industry since 1999. The flavors of tobacco have been dominating the industry for many years. Since the early days, Al Fakher has been adding new and exciting flavors to their line to complement their world-famous Double Apple and Mint.

Though you also need to know that good charcoals are appropriate to enhance the flavor of alfakher. Different types of charcoal available in the market depend on different styles, brands, and shapes that are user-friendly for beginners and experts. Therefore, we will first discuss the greatness of charcoal that can enhance the taste of your selected tobacco, especially al fakher. You must be aware of the usefulness of charcoals for avid hookah smokers. So, let's have a look at some of the most known types of hookah charcoals.

Despite having several charcoal availabilities in the hookah industry, specific hookah charcoals have extraordinary features to offer. The very basic functionality of using hookah charcoal is becoming the source of heat for cooking the al fakher tobacco, which eventually will produce the smoke. If you have a coal burner, light the charcoal on the burner; it will help you get the coal lighted smoothly and gently. Or, if you do not have the burner, you can take the help of a lighter or match anything. Then you need to place that on top of the bowl or on HMD. The heat automatically produces enough smoke and helps the flavor to enhance.

Of course, it depends on your flavor; if you choose al fakher, you will feel the flavor's aroma and enjoy a good smoke. Remember, good charcoal always helps to enhance the good flavor.

Different kinds of hookah charcoal

Every charcoal has its style to produce smoke and work. Let us have a quick look at such selected charcoals that will create magic in association with alfakher.

Quick Lighting Charcoal

These are specific types of charcoals that most hookah lovers are fond of. This quick lighting charcoal looks like honey pucks or tiny black discs but work like professionals. They can offer quick services. This also makes them lit easier and even considered lighter than a cigarette.

The odor of this coal is powerful and efficient in lighting the coals in a faster way. Make sure that your coal turns red or grey before placing them into the bowl.

Natural Coconut Hookah Charcoals

This charcoal has been considered one of the most premium charcoals that are made of compressed coconut husks. Even experts also suggest going for this definite charcoal for having an ultimate smoke and flavor. Coconut charcoals are also appropriate for al fakher. The most common types of charcoal sizes are: "Cube" or "Flat" shaped. These kinds of charcoals do not have accelerated coating or chemicals.

For this specific coal, you will need the single-coil heat or coal burner for a better result.

Silver Hookah Charcoals

This one is also fallen under the subcategory of the quick lightning charcoals. Silver hookah charcoals are also applicable for al fakher tobacco and highly recommended. These charcoals are more hybrid and nurture the features of natural style and quick lighting coals. It comes in a square tab appearance and coated with silver-colored film.

As the coal is made of natural style and has characteristics such as quick lightning charcoal. There are chances to produce medium heat. These type coals tend to deliver lower taste and odor compared to others.

Natural Wooden Hookah Charcoal

Another variation of hookah charcoal. Wooden charcoals are concentrated with orange wood, lemonwood, bamboo and look like a finger. Just like the coconut hookah charcoals, natural wood is also part of the non-chemical layer. This again means it is authenticating and takes a longer time to build the heat. It carries minimum flavor.

How many charcoals do I need exactly to get the flavor of Al Fakher?

However, there are no such limitations on that particular thing as it depends on your bowl. Though, this is perhaps one of the most important and common questions asked by hookah enthusiasts. They often get confused about the quantity. But this depends on the tobacco, charcoal, and bowl used to have a typical hookah session.

If your coal is smart enough and lights up quickly, you can have 1 to 2 coals. These charcoal can be broken into halves before lighting. You can put a maximum amount of coals if your bowl has that much space.

If you are using natural charcoal, you need to put 3 to 4 charcoal. You also can use larger bowls to put 2 to 3 hookahs at a time. All you need is to heat it properly to enjoy a great smoking time and its flavors.

We have covered the coal section that is one of the essential parts you should know before starting your hookah session; also, if you are a latest al fakher fan, you need to know the basics and preliminary things of decorating your hookah and offering to your friends. Besides the coal knowledge, you need to see the al fakher flavors currently dominating the market so that you could increase your proficiency on this specific flavor.

Take a glance at all the details on best-selling al fakher flavors to expand your flavor knowledge.

Al Fakher Two Apples

A beautiful mixture of red and green apples that offer a generous flavor to every hookah lover. The fantastic flavor of this mixture results in a deliciously sweet and rich flavor. Two apples is the most renowned smoked flavor in the world.

You can get the classic yet current hookah session. This will surely take you back to the original era of hookah.

Al Fakher Golden Bahraini Apple

If you want to smoke something sweet yet sophisticated, you must try our deliciously fragrant red apple flavor. This flavor focuses on bringing the sweet apple flavor that nurtures the warm and spicy undertone. You can find this flavor a bit juicier. Therefore, the golden Bahraini apple will be a fantastic choice for you.

Al Fakher Mint

This flavor has been recognized as the "gold standard" by which all mint hookah tobacco is judged. This specific flavor offers you the purest and rich aroma of authentic mint flavor. Also, this popular shisha is dominating the entire hookah industry for its originality. AFM delivers a thick, puffy smoke with a sensational cooling effect on the mint, incredibly smooth.

It is the best-known hookah flavor for mixing. All you need to know is that a pinch of al fakher mint can go a long way.

Al Fakher Vanilla

Now, this is the ultimate flavor enhancer that you could genuinely trust on. al fakher Vanilla, the delicious on its own, has the enriching power to enhance almost any hookah tobacco flavor. The al fakher lovers will recommend this fantastic flavor for a great unforgettable hookah session.

You can try out this subtle flavor mixing with mint, lemon, apple, cinnamon, peach, grape, orange, or just anything you would like to experiment with. You won't regret it!

Al Fakher Rose

Anyone says, Rose! One of the most beautiful and precious substances to make anything attractive. Now, al fakher has beautifully extracted the mild floral flavor to make a perfect essence of the rose petals when it comes to tobacco. This is the ideal flavor for sharing with that special someone!

When you fire up the bowl, you get the instant smell of identifiable notes of a dozen long-stemmed roses. But the flavor is sweeter than you might think. You can try the taste by mixing it with alfakher Jasmine for a more floral smoke or the lemon or vanilla for a genuinely delicious session. Enjoy your favorite flowery cereal!

Al Fakher Cappuccino

Oh! So, you are a coffee man, yeh! Who loves to have coffee anywhere and anytime! Then al fakher cappuccino can wake up your taste buds with the rich, nourished, and authentic coffee flavor. The smell of rich dark can reach your smoke. This is an extremely efficient standalone flavor. Still, if you want a bit more experiment for a further exotic flavor, you can mix it with a pinch of Al Fakher Vanilla or Cinnamon to have a great start to your strange hookah session! Your friends will appreciate you for bringing out this definitive edition.

These are the must-have flavors that you could add into your al fakher stocks. Besides these, al fakher always concentrated on Edition flavors that offer various flavors. One of them is Special Edition that contains 12 best-selling flavors worldwide comes in 250g Tubs. We have listed a few of them below. Wanna try?

Watermelon Splash

Hookah Matata

Rich Crème

Seven Wings

Sweet Pomegranate

Citrus Spirit

Sweet Drops

Kiwi Garden

Melon Mayhem


Bottom Line

Al Fakher has a lot to offer and a perfect explorer of exotic flavors. There is no doubt that the brand offers the best and endless opportunities to explore their variant flavors. Also, you should look for some good quality charcoal as well to keep the flavors as it is.

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