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Funniest Hits Blunt Memes

Feeling down? Let these funniest hits blunt memes lift your spirits like some premium chronic.

By Ben KharakhPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

The funniest hits blunt memes make you laugh and think. They re-orient your perspective so that you see things in a different way. You're no longer as attached to outdated points view and the world takes on a fresh feel. Everything is more vibrant, even new. And you don't have to be someone who hits blunts to LOL at these combinations of funny quotes and funny pics! So post up with your J, your vape, or of course, your blunt, and get ready. Hits blunt. Ding! I'm ready.


Haha! This is one of the funniest hits blunt memes because he's right. Why do they call them apartments if they're built together? But you are apart from the other people in the building. There's walls between everyone. That makes sense, actually. A building is like a giant cabinet, which makes you like a pair of socks or pants. Does the item of clothing I think I'm most like reveal things about my unconscious?! Like, if I say I'm a pair of pants does that mean I'm full of shit? Wait, no, haha! Who shits their pants?! I'm thinking too much. I gotta hit the blunt. Don't worry, I got the best smell proof container to store your stash, so I can always roll us another spliff.


OMG! Elemelons. I love it. This is one of the funniest hits blunt memes because right before he says "elemelons" I'm thinking about an all melon version of Captain Planet. Also, I'm thinking about what a firemelon would taste like. I imagined a cinnamon watermelon. Now I want Red Hots!

Yeah, this is one of the funniest hits blunt memes because it's more than funny pics and funny quotes; it's an invitation to dream! Oh, man, elemelons would be great on Vegitales! But those are all weirdly religious. Who needs that?!

Oh, do you remember those awful thumb parodies of Star Wars made by Steve Oedekerk?! What about that Kung Pow! Enter the Fist movie he wrote? Does that hold up? I remember laughing a lot when I first saw it.

Wait: Oedekerk wrote Ace Venture: When Nature Calls, The Nutty Professor, and Bruce Almighty? Okay, no way; I want none of that. Cowboys & Aliens?! This guy is the worst. I'm just going to look at this Elemelons meme again. Haha! Sill works!

Blind Dreams

Oh, man, this one's deep. This is more than just a funny pic and a funny text. It makes you think! Does the same part of your brain that sees the world also see dreams? Wow.

My ex-girlfriend's dad was a blind guy. I wonder if he saw his dreams. He was so nice to me! He had Alzheimer's and I used to help take care of him. I was really there for her and her family, but then she ended our relationship after 8 years. Whoa, that's such a long time. Oh my God. That was like my whole 20s. Oh no, now I'm playing Tom Petty's Don't Do Me Like That in my head because she did me like that. Don't play it! Don't! No. Oh, God. I'm bawling. I can't even with this song anymore. Show me that elemelons meme again.


Hahaha! This is one of the funniest hits blunt memes because it's got you doin' math that just doesn't add up. I feel like I can figure these out and write my own if I just hit the blunt. Nah, we don't gotta worry about drug tests. I know the best ways to get weed out of your system.

Noses Smell

Okay, I'm starting to crack the code on the funniest hits blunt memes. The funny quotes are usually about mistaking the pointing finger for the moon, ya know? You've never heard that?! Dude. It's about mistaking the signifier for the thing signified. Dude?! The meaning of a word is its use. You know that. You feel that.

When we say that noses smell we don't mean they're stinky; we're talking about the thing that noses do. So when you ask, "Why don't feet smell?" you're asking, "How come feet don't do what noses do?" But you're only asking that question in the first place because you're confused about how words work. Yeah, dude, I did my philosophy honors thesis on this. Summa cum laude, man. High GPA! A hits blunt GPA. LOL! JK! But not really. I remember this one time I was reading existentialism high and it made so much more sense. Anyway, this is defo one of the funniest hits blunt memes.

Dirty Soap

Haha! Why you gotta put your conceptions of cleanliness on soap? This is one of the funniest hits blunt memes because it's undermining our conceptions of right and wrong. Who gets to decide what it means to be clean and dirty, and what do they have to gain from getting you to think a particular way? You gotta ask these kinda questions! Hits blunt. If you don't wanna smoke we can make some tea. There's a lot of reasons why you should drink cannabis tea.

Erasing Words

Oh, man, this is one of the funniest hits blunt memes too, but it's got me thinking about death. Seriously, though: I don't believe in death. It's a lie. Death presupposes an object that dies but there is no self. Show me a self. Show me a self right now! That's just your face, bro. Now you're just rubbing your body. Which is it? Face or body, man?

Where is your self really? Is it inside you? Nah, your self is a relationship between people and things. That's the problem. If the self is as much a part of others as the finger is a part of the hand, then the self cannot be localized in a singular individual.

"Strike me down, and I'll become more powerful than you can ever imagine." Obi Wan says that because he knows that his self is just an expression of his relationship with the world. Being killed means you become a pure expression of The Force. You no longer need to manipulate it because you are it. But you've always been it!

Also, words exist between us. Language is mind. Boom! That was the sound of your mind being blown.

Bus Door

Haha! I love this question. I loled at this, so automatically it's one of the funniest hits blunt memes. That's my metric. It either makes me think, laugh, or both. I'd rather laugh than think, though. Of course! Come on, you think I believe in thinking. Thinking's a scam! Why do you think? So that bad things don't happen? That sounds like your mind is holding you hostage!

Guess what: if you were spontaneous you'd just make the same decisions as if you thought things over. Sorry! Yeah, and you ever hear of Fredkin's Paradox? It explains that the cost of deliberating between two similar choices outweighs the benefit. Whoops!

If you think you could just do something awful spontaneously you're wrong about that too. Our behavior is an expression of habit. Is it your habit to do terrible things? Then why are you so worried?! Hits blunt.


Haha! Well, yeah, there's at least twice as many nips as people. Because you gotta remember some people have 3 nipples! This is one of the funniest hits blunt memes because you get the first laugh off the funny text but then you also get a laugh off remembering that some people have 3 nipples. But I don't wanna body shame! I'm sorry! It just made me laugh. I'm all for body positivity. Everybody is a beach body, I hate fat jokes, and I don't even say, "They're fat." I say, "They have fat." We all have fat. It's fine!

Faded AF

GAME OVER; SHUT DOWN THE INTERNET! This is one of the funniest hits blunt memes because it straight up blew my mind. I thought I was doing all the mind blowing but now it's me that's been taken down a few pegs. And, too be honest, I deserve it. I was getting too high and mighty. I'm forwarding this to everybody! Scrape my mind off the floor because that's where it is. And now it's a dirty mind– Prince's Dirty Mind. Hahaha!

Also, all these memes feel a little bit racist to me because they're all people of color. Check yourself before you wreck yourself!


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