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Why You Should Drink Cannabis Tea

Drink cannabis tea if you want to reduce the likelihood of Alzheimer's, heart disease, or sleepless nights.

By Roland BarnesPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

You should drink cannabis tea because it's rich in health benefits and can treat many ailments. Unfortunately, America is a nation adverse to changes that challenge the status quo, and a cup of chronic is definitely a challenge to the status quo. THC is a threat to the pharmaceutical industry, the criminalization of weed is used to justify America’s racist war on drugs, and many people are simply misinformed about the effects of cheeba. Given all the suffering that’s alleviated by something as simple as brewed pot, it’s important to let people know just how much steeped Mary Jane can improve their lives.

Cannabinoids provide pain relief by binding to pain receptors in the central nervous system; that's the science behind drinking cannabis tea. Now here's the policy: opioids are addictive and marijuana is not. Guzzling ganja, then, is a safe way for people to receive a respite from debilitating pain.

Longer Lasting

Steeping your reefer means that its health benefits last longer and spread more easily throughout your body. That's good news because drinking cannabis tea allows you to seamlessly incorporate pain management into your routine. It also allows you to treat what ails ya with discretion.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is the body's natural way of dealing with infection and tissue damage. But too much inflammation leads to conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or irritable bowel syndrome. Luckily, a mug of warm dope juice helps reduces inflammation. Additionally, reducing inflammation in the brain can heal damage from stress, which may reduce anxiety and depression—another reason to drink cannabis tea!

Studies have shown that THC has the potential to slow or block the production of Beta-amloid proteins, which are theorized to be the culprit behind Alzheimer's. Given that an estimated 5.5 million Americans have Alzheimer's disease, the more things we can collectively do to make ourselves less susceptible to this terrible illness, the better. If that means relaxing with a thermos full of room temperature doobie drippings, then so be it.

Stomach Problems

Stomach problems are stigmatized. Constipation, diarrhea, and gas get you razzed in a lot of social circles. No one wants to be made fun of! Blessed be distilled reefer; its THC content goes straight to your tum to alleviate your belly concerns so you won’t be the butt of any jokes.

Heart Health

If drinking cannabis tea is starting to look like a wonder drug, it's because it is! Any resistance you feel to deeming it as such is just evidence of the deep-rooted prejudice that's been established by a government and corporate run disinformation campaign.

Studies have even shown that heated skunk spray can even be used to reduce high blood pressure and improve circulation; it relaxes and widens arteries. That means drinking cannabis tea is good news since over three million people die of heart attacks a year.

An infusion of Maui Wowie by route of tea bag potentially has the same effect on the lungs as it does on arteries. Just drink cannabis tea to reduce pulmonary resistance and increasing airflow. This is a big deal for the millions of asthma sufferers nationwide clamoring for pain relief.

Cognitive Issues

If you loved Lucy, Limitless, Phenomenon, Flowers for Algernon, etc. because you fantasize about using more than 10% of your brain, then you'll be first in line to gulp down a gauntlet of ganja. Studies have shown that if you drink cannabis tea, it is directly linked with improved memory and focus, and that cannabinoids stimulate mental activity. With that much extra oomph in your noggin, you could be a regular Beautiful Mind.

Increased Appetite

Not wanting to eat is a symptom of many chronic illnesses such as depression, cancer, chronic kidney or liver disease, etc. So a teabag of kush with the right THC content can make someone eat. And, if you drink cannabis tea, you'll ease nausea so that dinner stays down.

Drink cannabis tea of the indica variety before hitting the hay, and you’ll be hanging with Morpheus the dream lord in no time. Enjoying a restful uninterrupted sleep is a big deal considering the role that sleep plays in bodily recovery. Also, fatigue is the number one cause of declining numbers in job-related productivity.


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