CBD misconceptions

Time to tell the truth

CBD misconceptions

1) It's a new phenomenon

WRONG! Hemp and its related cannabinoids have been utilised for centuries. In India the Holy Vedas speak of a concoction called Bhang that's a mixture made of Hemp leaves that got one high and happy. Although we adovacte legal 0.2% THC CBD Oil, this is great example of the antiquity of Hemp and cannabinoid use.

2) Only stoners use it

WRONG! The Hemp Oil and CBD products market is built on everyday people as main consumers of supplements. There is no niche sub-culture of people dominiating its use, and so we push to show that Hemp in theory is an everyday plant used by everyday people.

3) It's illegal to use in public

WRONG! You can consume as much CBD Oil as you like in front of anyone and at any time. No police are going to stop you ingesting 0.2% THC Hemp Oil. But keep in mind that the reccommended threshold of use is 200mg per day.

4) It's illegal on planes

WRONG! Our vials of Hemp Oil have just 0.2% THC that consistues as a legal food supplement. Therefore on domestic flights in the UK its okay to carry along. Its also in the requirements of 10ml of liquid thats allowed. But always read up on the laws of the country you are flying to outside the UK.

5) CBD and cannabis are under the same laws

WRONG! Even though the former is connected to the latter, when it comes to usage cannabis is illegal. But CBD oil in the form of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is 100% legal and so called cannabis oil or any other derivative is illegal.

This is due to the THC content of cannabis buds that are smoked being extremely high thereby causing recreational effects. Whereas CBD Oil only has wellbeing effects due to very small traces of THC of the amount thats found naturally in the body.

6) It tastes like weed

WRONG! Hemp Oil does not have the same taste as weed, although some hemp scents are there the taste is akin to earthy notes. The concentrated Hempy tastes of weed are not found with CBD products.

If you don't favour CBD Oil drops you can choose CBD capsules instead or choose other flavoured variants in our range

7) People will judge me for taking it

WRONG! CBD Oil consumption has skyrocketed in recent years showing a lack of stigma towards a once outlawed supplement. Natural diets and veganism are coming more and more into vogue, and Hemp has accompanyed this trend. Don't fret over other's opinions when purchasing Hemp Oil as its simply not true!

8) I need a medical cannabis license to purchase it

WRONG! You can purchase CBD products from any vendor online or in store without any licensing. This is because CBD Oil is not considered a medicinal product and comes under food supplements. Although there is speculation that the Medicines and Healthcare products regulatory agency may give it Novel Food status in the future, this doesn't mean you need any medical cannabis discretion or licensing to purchase CBD products.

9) People of any age can buy it

In the US where some states have legalised cannabis there is an age range of 18 - 21 when you can legally buy cannabis derived products. In the UK although cannabis is illegal there are no legal age requirements for buying CBD products at all.

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