Get your all natural, organic dose of CBD at

Code "CBD" for 10% off all orders. Free worldwide delivery.

Get your all natural, organic dose of CBD at

Welcome to All Round CBD!

All Round CBD ( is your no.1 stop for Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil contains all cannabinoids found in Hemp including, CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa and CBC.

Use the code "CBD" for 10% off all orders. Free delivery.

An introduction to Hemp Oil

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is a natural compound derived from the Hemp plant. It contains all the cannabinoids associated with hemp. These are CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa and CBC. We only have 0.2% THC in our CBD products as per UK and US law.

Contrary to popular belief Hemp Oil and its related cannabinoids do not get you "high" therefore our Hemp Oil is not to be used recreationally. You will not have any effects! This is mainly due to 0.2% THC being a naturally occuring amount of THC in the body which isn't large enough to have psychoactive effects.

Instead our Hemp Oil is to be used for all round health and wellbeing. This is because all the cannabinoids found in hemp work together when administered in a concentrated oil. They work on your body's endocannabinoid system, which when utilised supports the normal functioning of your body's systems.

Furthermore Hemp Oil has never been more in demand especially during the global Coronavirus lockdown where people are stuck indoors. It can be easy to gorge on unhealthy food during this time but supplementing Hemp Oil alongside a healthy diet will maximise your intake of natural ingredients to keep you body in shape during this pandemic.

Different CBD strengths

We offer Hemp Oil in varying strengths. First we have our 250mg CBD dose which is perfect for rookie Hemp Oil users who wish to see the initial benefits first before committing to a higher dose.

After that we have our 500mg intermediary dose which bridges the gap between our highest and lowest dose. It is for those well suited to Hemp Oil already and have been taking dedicated doses for a while.

Lastly we have our 1000mg highest dose of CBD which is for those integrating CBD Hemp Oil drops into their daily lives. This is for people who are well versed in Hemp Oil supplementation.

Please remember that these are just recommendations. The type of Hemp connoisseur your define yourself as is up to you. You can jump to whatever dose you like.

Hemp Oil drops aren't our only product

At All Round CBD we look to innovate unique forms of taking CBD. This includes through our Anytime Oral Spray which is perfect for those looking to take hits of CBD throughout their busy day. The spray head is perfect for CBD administration on the go. Each spray gives you 5mg CBD at a time. You can take up to 40 sprays throughout the day.

Next we have the world's first Turmeric infused CBD supplement. By combining CBD and Turmeric with Black Pepper you get a dual action supplement perfect as an anti-inflammatory support. Turmeric's active ingredient Curcumin is ideal for digestion, joints and immune support.

Lastly we have Aqua Drops that allow you to create unique CBD infused drinks and smoothies. Simply mix them in any drink of your choice for alternative ways to take CBD.

Our Hemp Oil is rigorously lab tested

To ensure we give you exactly what we say on the label- we have extensive lab testing for all our CBD products. This is so you can be clear on what you are buying. All lab reports can be found on our site.

Secondly we also research into international CBD market news, so we regularly update our news column in order to keep you up to date on what's happening for Hemp Oil consumers globally.

Visit our site for more info on all our products and use the code "CBD" for 10% off all orders.

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All Round CBD

All Round CBD is a supplier of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. We offer lab tested CBD products and have a passion for organic ingredients. This lead us to innovate our Turmeric infused CBD, a powerful mix of two ancient substances for your health.

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