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Can Marijuana Smoking During Pregnancy Help with Nausea?

by Stefan Ateljevic 10 months ago in health

At the moment, marijuana is receiving some positive attention from the public. While it’s still a controlled substance, it’s now possible to get a medical prescription for cannabis.

It has become a huge health craze thanks to legalizing hemp-derived CBD oil in some states in the US. Conservative estimates put the value of the CBD industry at $45 billion by 2024.

The oil is prized for its calming effect on the mind and the stomach. Cancer patients take it to manage chemotherapy side effects.

But now this side industry is booming. The anti-nausea effects of marijuana help some future moms to offset morning sickness. The herb is touted as a natural and perfectly safe treatment. Is it safe? That’s what we will investigate in this post.

Can Marijuana Calm an Upset Stomach?

Studies prove that marijuana does have antiemetic properties. So, the answer to whether or not it can calm nausea is “Yes.” So, yes, it can help with morning sickness. But instead of asking whether it’ll help or not, ask whether it’s wise to use it for this purpose.

At present, we don’t know enough about the level of damage it can inflict on the fetus. Even though researchers are investigating furiously, there haven’t been enough human trials to be sure.

We’re not completely in the dark, though. Here are some of the risks you should be aware of.

What Harm Can It Do?

Marijuana is a natural herbal product. So is castor oil, and we don’t see you gulping down glasses of that. Natural doesn’t mean harmless. Considering that there’s a growing trend for mothers to use marijuana during pregnancy, that’s alarming.

What mothers don’t realize is that they’re putting their children at risk. Why? Here are some things that can go wrong.

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

It’s not a common ailment. It does affect long-time users, though, especially if they indulge daily. The end result is uncontrollable vomiting.

It Can Harm Brain Development

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists warns that the compounds in marijuana come in contact with the fetus in the womb. Its concern is how this can impact the developing brain of your child. Researchers have noted that there’s a correlation between mothers using marijuana during pregnancy and behavioral or attention-deficit disorders.

The association warns pregnant women or those trying to get pregnant about the effects of marijuana. Furthermore, while cannabis is beneficial for treating Down syndrome symptoms, using it during pregnancy can cause unwanted mutations.

Because You Got High

Morning sickness occurs in the morning—not a surprise. If you use cannabis to help you cope, it’ll stay in your system for four to five hours. That means driving to work high and being high at work. Aside from the risk to your baby, that’s not going to do your career prospects much good.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

Hemp-derived CBD oil is sold as safe and healthy medicine. It can relieve nausea, as well. It’s not going to get you high because it has no psychoactive ingredients. That said, the FDA warns against the use of CBD oil during pregnancy.

Why? Researchers have shown that regular marijuana consumption can structurally change sperm, leading to a decrease in fertility. While it’s unclear whether or not these changes are passed onto children, it’s led to some debate.

Does cannabis use during pregnancy negatively impact your child’s reproductive system? Researchers are unable to give a definitive answer, but they’d prefer mothers to exercise caution, considering the effect that regular use has on sperm. Moreover, it’s still unclear what will happen in the long term.

And After the Birth?

Let’s put it this way. The compounds in marijuana can be transmitted through breast milk. You would have to smoke cannabis at least four or five hours before feeding the baby. Considering the baby’s erratic feeding schedule, it’s not practical.

Aside from that, it can prevent your baby from gaining the weight that it should. The jury’s out on whether or not using cannabis affects lactation. According to a study, cannabis has been shown to interfere with prolactin production.

Insufficient prolactin production could lead to milk drying up faster than it should. Researchers maintain that the lack of long-term studies in this area suggests that caution is warranted.

Besides, with a small baby in the house, can you really afford to get stoned?

Final Verdict

For now, at least, we urge you to be responsible. Don’t use cannabis at all while pregnant or breastfeeding. Until we find out more about the subject, it’s simply not worth the risk.

Stefan Ateljevic
Stefan Ateljevic
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