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5 Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legal for Everyone Over 18

by Stefan Ateljevic 9 months ago in list

Cannabis is still not entirely legal, and some people already rushed to call it mainstream. It’s quite strange to call something mainstream if it’s not legal, right?

5 Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legal for Everyone Over 18

Anyhow, marijuana must be legal for everyone over the age of 18. Why? Keep on reading to find out more.

1. More People Die from Alcohol Than Cannabis

Every year, there are around 88,000 deaths related to alcohol poisoning. Then again, according to marijuana vs. alcohol statistics available on the internet, there is not a single recorded case of anyone dying of marijuana use.

Aside from these two, there are lots of other completely legal substances that are causing millions of deaths around the world. Some of the most notable and, at the same time, widely used are nicotine and high-fat processed foods.

There are over 7 million deaths globally every year due to cigarette consumption. Bad food choices cause another 11 million deaths. The number of marijuana-related deaths is still zero. In other words, cannabis is safer than any other of these completely legal substances people consume daily.

2. 67% of Americans Think It Should Be Legal

Some 30 to 40 years ago, people were convinced that marijuana caused addiction. They also believed that it killed nerve cells in the brain and made people unable to concentrate on different tasks for a long time after use.

Today, with medicine and science on our side, we know the truth. Marijuana does not cause addiction and it is not killing nerve cells in the brain. It does, however, affect concentration, but not in the long run.

That is why 67% of Americans think it should be legal. This number has doubled in the last 10–15 years when the percentage was just over 30%.

3. The Health Benefits Are Obvious

Marijuana is a marvelous plant. Humanity is still not using its full potential, though. The health benefits from the use of cannabis are obvious. In the future, these benefits are going to become even more valuable.

At the moment, medical marijuana use is legal in many parts of the world. It is used in the treatment of many different health conditions. Some of them are cancer, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease, bulimia, and many others.

4. It Creates Jobs

The legal marijuana market at the moment is worth $17.7 billion. The cannabis industry employs at least 250,000 people at the moment. The legalization increases the use and the demand for this good. The projections for the market growth is set to around 18% CAGR, and the market will be worth around $73.6 billion by 2027.

If legalization moves faster and cannabis becomes available everywhere around the world for adults who like to consume it, the number of employees will grow more quickly, too. Therefore, more job positions will be generated.

5. More Than Half of the US Population Has Already Tried It

What’s the use of banning something if everyone has already tried it? The fact that something’s constantly in use is the reason why the last century’s prohibition did not work. Alcohol was banned, but everyone had their own, personal stash in the basement.

It is the same with marijuana. More than half of the US population has already tried marijuana at least once in their lives. The stats say that is 122 million people, with around 55 million smoking regularly, or at least once in the last 30 days. Why banning something that’s already being used all over the country and people are enjoying it.


When something is good, people can benefit from it, and there are no severe health risks, then why do we make it illegal?

The world must understand that marijuana will become legal sooner or later, so there is no point in wasting precious time and preventing people from enjoying it right now.

Stefan Ateljevic
Stefan Ateljevic
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