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A Beginner's Guide to CBD

by Adam J 3 years ago in health

How Cannabidol can help anyone, even you.

CBD is what many people are calling a miracle drug. Others may call it a superfood. Whichever you prefer to call it, CBD is a health trend that is sweeping the nation. This being said, personally, CBD has changed my life for the better, and it could change yours too.

What is CBD?

Cannabidol, or CBD for short, is the non-psychoactive component of the marijuana plant. In short, THC is the happy chemical that gets you high and makes you want to eat an entire pizza by yourself, while CBD does not have any of the buzzing or intoxicating effects that THC possesses. Both chemicals are found in marijuana in varying amounts, while CBD can also be derived from Industrial Hemp.

What are the benefits of CBD?

Pain Relief

CBD's number one use in customers is for the purpose of pain relief. Personally, I have used it to relieve everything from migraines to joint pain to a nasty toothache from a root canal I put off for far too long. CBD is known to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation in swelled joints. As for me, CBD has brought a persistent migraine to a halt in 15 minutes.

Fight EpilepsyThe New England Journal of Medicine published a study in which patients with Dravet Syndrome were given CBD. Dravet Syndrome is a rare type of epilepsy. The patients that were given CBD had a median of a 40 percent drop in seizures per day. A 40 percent drop in the amount of seizures in a day is extremely significant and should not be taken lightly.

Treat AnxietyThe first two uses for CBD discussed have been physiological issues, but CBD may also be used as a remedy to anxiety. The research so far on CBD has indicated that CBD helps treat subjective anxiety. This type of anxiety includes social anxiety disorder. CBD's effective treatment of anxiety is most likely related to it's effect on the lymbic and paralimbic areas of the brain. Personally, I also use CBD to treat the anxiety that I have had since middle school, but maybe longer. I am now a sophomore in college and I started using CBD about a year ago. For me, it works like a charm for short term anxieties. This is especially useful for stressful days and nights before exams.

Note: There are many ailments that CBD has been reported to treat, but these three have the most research backing them up so that is what I will cover today.

Health Risks

Now, at this point you may be asking, "Isn't taking a product like this unsafe?" While I could go into all of the research that has been done thus far, the short answer is no, probably not. While I do admit more research needs to be done on CBD and on cannabis in general, the research so far has shown that CBD is generally safe when used as directed. The only caveat is that some people can have an allergic reaction as with anything. This being said, the reports of adverse reactions to date have been mild. They have included nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, and changes in appetite. Overall, the medical and scientific communities have so far agreed that CBD is in all likelihood safe for human consumption.

Methods of Consumption

Many people will tell you that there is a "best" way to consume CBD, but I just do not believe that to be true. While some methods have their advantages over others, just like medicine, every individual's body processes CBD differently. My best advice if you are trying out CBD for the first time is that you are going to want to experiment. Some methods will work better and more efficiently for you than others. At times, it can also be a matter of personal preference. This is a list of methods of consumption for CBD, in no particular order.

Dry Flower

For me, this is my preferred method of consumption of CBD. While this may also be attributed to my affinity for the more than occasional joint, it is the most effective method for me. This is great for aching pains that don't seem to have a single location, or for headaches and anxiety. The benefits of inhalation is that the effect of the CBD is nearly immediate compared to other methods. The major con of course, is that unless a dry herb vaporizer is used, you are inhaling smoke into your lungs, which contains tar. While this method is effective for many people, it is also the most elusive. Unless you live in a legal state, you may not be able to find this at all. In legal states, CBD is sold in many cases alongside THC counterparts and there will be a wide variety of options to choose from. The legality of this form of CBD varies from state to state, but in Pennsylvania where I live it is recently legal as long as the CBD flower is derived from hemp and the THC content is below 0.3 percent.


Oil is the most common form that CBD is sold in. CBD oil can be taken by placing a few dropperfuls under the tongue for 30 seconds and then swallowing, or by putting the oil in a cartridge in order to vaporize it. As a warning, ingestion doesn't normally carry the best taste along with it, but it definitely gets the job done. As for vaporization, the effects may be more immediate, but it varies from person to person. Most companies that make CBD oil will offer a selection of dosages to choose from. This is so the consumer may choose the strength that they desire in order to suit their needs. For example, if an individual is a chronic pain sufferer, they may need a higher dose of CBD than an individual that wishes to use CBD for the occasional headache. An added bonus to using CBD oil by ingestion is that it is very discreet as I have often brought a small bottle with me to work. You can find an example of bottled CBD oil below.


Another way to ingest CBD directly, edibles may have the most variety when it comes to consumption. On the market right now, I have seen everything from cookies to pasta to gummy bears. Oh My! While the variety is a positive, in general CBD edibles taste good too. For many, this is an advantage over ingesting CBD oil. Edibles are great for treating chronic pain, migraines, and anxiety. While it may take up to an hour and a half for the CBD to kick in, the effects are generally more powerful and longer lasting than other methods. For most people, the effects of CBD in edible form last all day. Seen below is an example of CBD gummy frogs. As seen, again, discretion is kept in mind.

Note: Green Roads is a fantastic company and I highly recommend them!

Topicals: Lotions, Balms, Creams, and Others

In the case of CBD, topicals are anything that is applied directly onto the skin. This type of CBD has many different products on the market and more are popping up everyday. Topicals are popular because they are efficient in treating localized pain. While they may lack in other areas such as treatment of anxiety or chronic pain, topicals excel in treating pain in localized areas.

Where can I purchase CBD products?

CBD products can be purchased online as well as in many storefronts. If you wish to buy CBD the old fashioned way, your local glass or vaporizer shop is a good place to start. Recently, many specialty and health food stores have began to carry CBD products.


Overall, through this article we have gone over what CBD is, what it is used for, methods of consumption, and where to purchase. Keep in mind that CBD should not be used to replace professional medical advice as I am not a doctor nor are most people who cell Cannabidol products. I hope I have been helpful and I wish especially to anyone that has made it to the end of this article the best of luck in finding what they need.


Adam J

I am your common broke college economics student mainly writing for a hobby. I enjoy many topics including economics, mental health, and of course beer.

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