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Zeroth of Love

All the letters in the world won't cure my pain.

By G. A. BoteroPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Burning log - Photo by G.A. Gomez


Bruised but not torn

Cautiously optimistic

Despite the horns


Encounters like these

Frequent my days

Gallows for the soul

Humbly, I wait


Intact is my heart

Joust my soul

Killing the spirit

Longing to roam



No, not me

Openly rotting

Pus drips as I squee



Responding to the chills

Silhouette of a dream

Traumatized by guilt



Venom leaves you lips

Wickedness has it's charm while a virtual

Xyst shield you from the harm


You say you love me, but

Zeroth of love is what I see.

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About the Creator

G. A. Botero

I have a million bad ideas, until a good one surfaces. Poetry, short stories, essays.

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