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you are my comfort

Before you

By JaimiePublished about a year ago 1 min read
you are my comfort
Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

There are many things that bother me

but you seem to be the key

to making me like

the things I despise

and the things that I couldn't do before you.

Before you,

when the sun was due,

I would throw my blanket over my head

snuggle back into the bed,

and wish the day away.

Now, waking up in the early morning

to find the sun shining

through the windows

as our heads rest on the pillows

is the moment of the day I admire the most.

The screaming of the coffee machine

is one of the best sounds there has ever been,

but I know that without you

I would hate that too.

I hate coffee.

I hate leaving.

There's something so deceiving

about leaving you at home

and pretending I'm not alone

without you by my side.

I remember the first time I felt

the ice over my day melt

the second I saw you again.

It was like the rains

of happiness had crashed over the crown of my head.

I hold my breath,


all day,

because until I come home to you

I cannot breathe.

And it is nothing that you say

that really makes my day -

except that maybe,

I know that with you, I can be me.

You are my comfort.

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