Who Gave You the Right?

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Who Gave You the Right?

Dear Kind Sir,

Who gave you the right to take a life?

If you believe we are one

Would you murder something yourself

I mean who gave you the right

To eat your neighbor

Because your stronger,

Think your smarter

We kill 90 billion animals a year

Do you understand

what that does to the environment

On a planet that is alive

Don't you think

Thou shall not kill

Was a commandment for a reason

Don't you hear the cries

Of dolphins, calves, horses and more

innocently pushed to the knife

To be "humanly" slaughtered

Just because those murderous houses are out of site

Doesn't your heart and soul

Emphasize with the cries

Where did you get that right

To decide if something lives or dies

On creatures who have no voice

And your not just eating the cost of a life

But the cost on the environment

Pools of blood so big

We don’t know what do

Feeding animals we kill

Over children who are starving

In a day were we are shifting

Realizing our unity

Feeling each others hearts

Starting to become more sensitive

To the rights of others

Lets respect the right for all species

It’s ego to think you are above something

Thats linear living which is dualistic

To move into peace and harmony

We must respect the trees

Honor the voiceless

Find the love in yourself

And please Consider Not Eating

Murdered animal corpuses

Remember Americans thought it was okay to kill Native Americans

Germans thought it was okay to kill Jews

We will soon find out that killing animals is just this.

social commentary
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