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"Whispers of the Soul"

"Whispers of the Soul"

By _byledoprzodu_Published 6 months ago 1 min read
 "Whispers of the Soul"
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In the realm where words take flight,

A tapestry of thoughts ignite,

Let me weave a poem, pure and bright,

To fill your heart with pure delight.

Beneath a sky, kissed by the moon,

Where dreams ascend and hopes commune,

I'll paint with words, a celestial tune,

Embracing the stars, we'll dance till noon.

In nature's embrace, let's find our way,

Through verdant meadows where sunbeams play,

Where gentle breezes softly sway,

We'll stroll and dream, come what may.

On mountaintops, we'll touch the skies,

Where eagles soar and freedom lies,

In whispered echoes, our spirits rise,

As nature's grandeur feeds our eyes.

In love's embrace, we'll find our peace,

As passion's flame will never cease,

Two souls entwined, a love's masterpiece,

In tender moments, time finds release.

In sorrow's grip, we'll find our light,

Through darkest hours, we'll take our flight,

In every tear, a hint of might,

As we emerge, stars shining bright.

So let this poem be a soothing balm,

To heal your heart and bring you calm,

With every word, a heartfelt psalm,

For you, dear reader, a cherished palm.

For poetry, dear friend, transcends the mind,

It touches souls, a bridge to find,

In every verse, a universe aligned,

To ignite your spirit, forever entwined.

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