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Whispers of Joy

Finding Delight in the Smallest Moments

By Lawrence Mireku AduPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

In the midst of chaos, a moment of respite,

A celebration of the small, a flicker of light.

Inspired by Amber's art, a canvas of glee,

I'll weave a poem, where joy finds its key.

In the garden's embrace, a delicate bloom,

A single flower's dance, dispelling all gloom.

Its petals, like whispers, unfold with grace,

A symphony of colors, nature's embrace.

With each gentle breeze, it sways and sings,

A symphony of fragrance, the joy it brings.

A tiny marvel, unnoticed by most,

Yet in its presence, my heart finds utmost.

In the morn's first light, a bird's sweet song,

A melody of gladness, soothing and strong.

Perched on a branch, it pours its soul,

A ballad of happiness, making me whole.

Its notes cascade, filling the air,

A reminder that joy is found everywhere.

In the smallest moments, if we but perceive,

The world unfolds treasures, ready to relieve.

The laughter of a child, pure and free,

A contagious delight, igniting in me.

Their innocent wonder, curiosity untamed,

A source of inspiration, from which joy is named.

In simple acts of kindness, a gentle touch,

A stranger's smile, warming so much.

The connection we share, in gestures small,

An affirmation of love, embracing us all.

For joy knows no bounds, it dwells within,

In the tiniest details, where smiles begin.

Let Amber's art guide, a beacon so bright,

To find joy in the small, a radiant light.

So, I offer this poem, a tribute to delight,

A testament to finding joy in every slight.

For happiness resides, not in grand display,

But in the little things, we encounter each day.

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Lawrence Mireku Adu

Welcome to my page! I’m here to share my passion for writing with you. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, tips, or just some fun stories, you’ll find it all here. I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy creating it.

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