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Thought Magnet

A Poem on Manifestation

By Michelle LiewPublished 25 days ago 1 min read
Thought Magnet
Photo by Dan Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash

Consider this. Your mind drifts to friends whom you've not seen for a while. You speak of them to someone else, and soon after, they give you a call.

Yes, we do manifest what we think about. This transpires not because of some magical entity but because we subconsciously do things to bring our thoughts to fruition. In the course of thinking about our friends and relating the incident, we may have triggered catalysts. The friend we spoke with about our feelings may have related it to someone else, who, in turn, speaks of this to the friends you are thinking about. Thus, the unexpected phone call.

If we really want a job, we get it because we trigger events related to securing it. We may put in applications. We make enquiries if we're intrested enough in the job and have tthe requisite qualifications. Before we know it, we have the job, and have attracted what we think about.

Being a thought magnet, combined with a little effort, does attract what we desire. It's about striking the right balance.

Enjoy these senryus.

Powered thought magnet

Draws in with its innate strength

What we have in mind

Charismatic tool

Will the force of our efforts

Brings our thoughts to friuit

A force with strong draw

A pull that helps us create

Our lives' destiny.


About the Creator

Michelle Liew

Hi, i am an English Language teacher cum freelance writer with a taste for pets, prose and poetry. When I'm not writing my heart out, I'm playing with my three dogs, Zorra, Cloudy and Snowball.

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  • angela hepworth25 days ago

    Awesome poem! Manifestation is so powerful.

  • Ken Mack25 days ago

    we need to be more aware of that! nice!

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